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Eptopic beats.. Horrid things, any tips to try and reduce other than the standard things?

Hi everyone,

A couple of years ago I had an ablation for svt which has stopped the svt from happening, amazing!! But, I am now plagued by eptopic beats :( I have had a few echoes and monitors but doctors are not worried but they seem to be increasing, after exercising and just in general, especially leading up to my period. I need to go back to my cardio guy for reassurance, again but if anyone else is in the same boat, it'd be lovely to hear from you or any tips.. Has anyone tried magnesium and it's helped? Thanks for reading X

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I was getting tons of ectopics for a period of time, to the point where I went to the doctor to see if something was changing - he wasn't too worried so I tried a whole bunch of things. I really cannot isolate the reason this worked. Among the things I did: (a) changed my magnesium tablets to include a broad spectrum of forms; (b) reduced what I ate at night and worked intensely on digestive health; (c) started drinking coffee again in the mornings (felt like it strengthened a steady beat for me - but not for everyone!); (d) worked hard to reduce stress. They lessened after about a month. I still get them occasionally but they aren't very noticeable.


Not absolutely sure, but seem to have fewer problems when taking double dose of CoQ10 and daily Resveratrol.


Magnesium 500mg a day helps me. And I also take Q10, but not every day. I still avoid coffee, just drink tea. Stress reduction when possible, every day walks, gentle exercise helps. I get them back when it is very hot and too much exercise.

Good luck.


I was plagued with ectopic and missed beats after my ablation. Then got back to running go 3 to 5 times a week and run to how I feel (anything from 3 to 10 mile and I basically forced a steady sinus rythm

Only have setbacks if I have over a week off any sort of run.

Works for me and at the start I could run off a bout of dodgy beats


I like you suffer from ectopics after two ablations for svt and vts.

I'm on anxiety meds and still on 2.5mg beta blockers I also invested in a Fitbit HR so when I have big ectopics I can know my heart rate straight away and know it's just an extra beat and not the return of the svt!! Stress is a definite factor for me so try and stay chilled. Walking helps. I am also caffeine and alcohol free but haven't tested to see if they actually make it worse I've just chosen not to partake since my diagnosis last year.

Just gotta keep telling yourself they are harmless. And that's they are better than svt!! I used to black out with mine and had it for over five years! Don't miss that at all!!! X


I get them ALL the time. Very uncomfortable. You can hardly feel my pulse when I have them because they are so constant.

My EP sorted me out with drugs as they were unbearable. Two rhythm control drugs worked for me and I simply choose the one that gave me least side-effects.



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