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Ectopic beats and heart rate

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Ectopic beats seem to be worse lately and I’m getting them on and off every single day. Doc isn’t concerned at all and all tests so far have come back normal other than the benign ectopic beats. Can anyone reassure me that they really are nothing to worry about...? I also always have a high resting heart rate and always have done... constantly around 90bpm even when I’m not up and about. Feel fine with it but the fact it’s so high worries me too. Cardiac nurse said it’s still within normal (under 100) so not worried although doc thinks I might need beta blockers... so many conflicting opinions. The ectopics...thuds...fluttters along with the fast heart rate is really starting to upset me which I’m sure is feeding it all... no one seems to think they’re a problem but they’re really making me worry. Any info...reassurance or both would be greatly appreciated. I can’t seem to do much to calm them down - they sometimes (but not always) go away for a bit when I’m busy but I can always feel one or two still.

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This talk by Dr Sanjay Gupta should help ease your anxiety about ectopic beats:

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Thank you. I’ve seen quite a few of his videos on YouTube which should reassure me but I just worry so much... do you also get ectopic beats regularly?

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No, luckily I don't, but I've heard from others how awful they are. A close friend describes them as donkey kicks.


Well Geo26, here's something I've written many times on this forum - that's to say that ectopic heartbeats and palpitations are very, very common. Don't worry, your Doc is right. I have had them since I was 30. Then, I got off the train I was on when my very first ectopis started, and called into Kings' College Hospital, London, in a blind panic. "Nothing to worry about!" I was told, with some explanation. Since then I have had ectopics and palpitations frequently, all my life in fact. All my life. I am now gettng for 79. Don't worry - I know it is worrying, but try to accept your situation - and enjoy your life!!!


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Thank you for your reassurance... I’m starting to accept them a little more as, like you say, they do seem to be more common than I first thought. As unpleasant and scary as they are, I need to have faith in modern medicine and the professionals that work with it!

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I,ve had ectopics for 44 years and feel every thud, I,m 72.

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Wow! And they’ve never done you any harm...!? Did you ever take anything for them?

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No, I have lived with them and worked,brought up 3 children. I took beta blockers on a couple of occasions but they made me feel so bad,dropped my heart and blood pressure too low. I have good days and bad days,


If they are bothering you and you are getting significant symptoms that are impacting on daily life then insist on treatment, don't be fobbed off with "it's benign, harmless, normal" 😡

Hi, I know exactly how you feel. I had an ablation for my svt 4 years ago and even though the svt seemed to be cured I was still quite anxious after it and now all of a sudden for the past couple of months I have been experiencing ectopic beats constantly! Its so frustrating! I dont have caffeine I dont smoke I have tried the breathing slowly, I dont panic anymore when i feel them as at first i thought my heart was going to jump back into svt but they are just so annoying and then I begin to think that it will affect my heart in the future. All the doctors are saying its normal and not to worry but they arnt the ones experiencing it. So I completely understand Geo26. I'm trying yoga next week to see if that helps to calm my body down. Fingers crossed. I hope yours calm down soon also. Dont feel alone going through it as there are alot of us experiencing the Same problem. 😔

I personally think 90BPM is too and I wonder re your fitness levels,do you exercise at all?

If not just walking is a good start.I am on 2.5mg of Bisoprolol once a day,unless I get the odd bad Arrhythmia the I take another.

I have had recorded AF beats at times and Ectopics,I believe it showed 1700 ,not that I was aware.Also Ramiprill lowest dose at present 1.25mg. That for slight impairment on left ventricle.

Damage I was told by Chemo in 2007 for stage 4 Lymphoma on the spine.

As a rule Ectopics are not a worry,you might be reassured by having an Echo done.Just an ultra sound.

I have had that plus a Myoview which they said revealed no blockages at 72 years old thank goodness.

I am a careful about diet and exercise and walk plus where possible exercise bike twice a day. 2 x 5.50 Kms with a target of 10mins each.

I have had palpitations since I was 17. They were diagnosed (finally) at around 30. The last Holter Monitor I wore showed about 700 PVCs in 24 hours. Doesn't sound like much when you hear that some people have 20,000, however, I feel almost all of mine and they don't feel good, even if they are benign. I try all sorts of things to help them out, vitamins, exercise, meditation and now I am going to try V8 juice as someone said that helps a lot. Good luck

Have you tried magnesium.

I certainly do exercise,it is at the top of my posting.I also eat mainly very healthy ,organic and meat only once a week.Weight is very normal at 12stone 5 Ilbs for me at 6 foot 1inch.

Plus no end of supplements,D-Robose,CoQ10,Magnesium and Taurine for starters.

Hi Geo26. I have PVC's and on the last 24 Holter monitor , it showed that I had 900 that day. I am told that some people have 20,000 and they are still benign. My heart muscle and valves are good so I am told not to worry. But, of course, we all know how that goes. We worry. My palpitations have been really bad for about the last four weeks. I feel almost all of them. Sometimes, I even feel the pulse behind my eyes. It keeps me pretty close to home and I do not feel adventurous because I worry about having the palps. I have just read , here online, that for some people V8 juice helps and also Magnesium citrate 400 mg. I will be trying these out for sure. I have had these palpitations since I was 17, diagnosed as Mitral valve prolapse at 30ish and not they say there is no prolapse. So, sometimes we get incorrect diagnosis. I just had an ECG last week and it says "Sinus Rhythm and normal". The only thing different on this one was 'low voltage limb leads', which I have never had before. I have looked on the internet to find out what that means but can't find a real definition. Has anyone else ever had this on their ECG and found out what it means?

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