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Ectopic beats and oxygen levels

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Hey all, new to the forum and have read a couple of the threads so know what your all going through but I do have a couple of questions.

I'm getting these ectopic beats what feels like more frequently then I blink, they are highly annoying and uncomfortable.

I don't know if it's PVC or PAC and don't know if one is more dangerous than the other.

My questions are...

can these skipped beats cause false oxygen stats reading? I was on a pulse oximeter looking at the levels and it was going from 99% down to 91% up to 97% down to 90% up to 94% back down to 91 then shoots up to 99%.

My heart rate is not always fast fast the ectopic a could be happening when it's about 87-100 bpm but has gone to 130 before, it fluctuates like the oxygen does sometimes, is this normal?

Had enough going to hospital just to be told ECG picked up ectopic and arrhythmia but not dangerous , how can an arrhythmia not be dangerous?

I've seen a cardiologist who performed a CT of heart and found no sign of CAD and ultra sound looked good.

I've rejected beta blockers

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for reading



Forgot to add I don't feel breathless during the oxygen levels fluctuations


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Your symptoms sound a little like mine although I don't think my oxygen levels fluctuate quite so much.. I invested in my own pulse oxometer some time ago which gives pulse and oxygen level readings so you might find being able to keep an eye on things reassuring. Also beats clutching your wrist all the time. Got mine off amazon, better probably to spend a little extra as the first cheap one I bought was hopeless.

Horrid having ectopics without knowing why or what they might lead to. Believe me, I know,,,



Hey thank you for your reply.

Yeah I have a oximeter at home which fluctuates the same as the hospital one does which I cheekily used when I had an appointment. The strange thing is I don't really feel breathless when it happens even when walking.

Managed to get an appointment for a cardiologist in a few weeks and will ask him if there's any underlying cause for the oxygen levels to be like that.



I am not a doctor but I know that oxygen levels can be lower if you have a chronic lung condition for example?

Good luck but it is awful waiting for results and appointments isn't it?


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PeterWh in reply to Stephanietee

Am in persistent AF.

I was told by sleep apnoea consultant that finger oximeters are quite often not accurate for SpO2 levels if arithmyias are actually taking place. I had previously been told not to use HB measurements from them. For me I sometimes get fluctuations or it takes a minute or two to stabilise.

Before I had my ablation and whilst on simavastatin mine was typically in the 89% to 93% range and very rarely above 95%. Did not need oxygen though. Stopped simavastatin around 10 March and ablation at the end of March and the SpO2 levels consistently improved so that nearly always over 95%. Now normally 97% to 98%. Also the warmth of your hand is a factor so if it is cold it can give a false low reading.

In my case they believe that I was helped because I have very long (ie tall) lungs as most of my 6ft height is in the body not my legs - they had to take x-Ray in two parts!!!!

Thanks for your reply. I will bear it all in mind..


Sounds just what we saw in Dr office they had me Walking and my Pulse Oxygen is 97 but I sat Down and fell to 91 bent over to tie boots and went back to 97 but hold your breath and stayed at 95?

I Awake To 92% with a Cpap Machine For 10 Hours?

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