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Ectopic beats really getting me down

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I started having ectopic beats a couple of years ago during a period of bad anxiety.

After the first bad episode I went to see a cardiologist and had all the tests and was told not to worry.

I couldn’t tolerate beta blockers as they lowered my heart rate significantly. After about 5 months they suddenly stopped one day and I didn’t have another episode for 6 months.

Over the past year I have had weeks with ectopic a then breaks in between which heaven!!

I was lucky enough to only have ectopics when walking, exercising, bending etc I never had them when I was sitting quietly or resting so did get a break each day.

10 days ago they came back with a vengeance - the worst they have ever been and I’m not coping at all.

This time they are non stop. When I’m sitting, lying down, walking etc and what is really bothering me is nasty runs when I’m eating to the point where it makes me feel sick.

It’s scaring the life out of me and I just don’t know what to do. I understand my high levels are really not helping 😢.

Has anyone had this experience and any tips would be really welcome x

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Hi i too suffer with these and i know the horrible feeling . I think anxiety is a big cause of mine .Everyone gets ectopics but unfortunate ones like us feel them whereas most people don't x

I would definitely go to your GP to get checked out.Ectopics are horrible I agree as I've had them for years...worse now that I'm on bp meds unfortunately.

Hi Daisee did your Dr. ever tell you why did your ectopic beats happened while exercising?

Hello Daisee, I find Magnesium Taurate as suggested by Dr Sanjay Gupta a big help in ‘dampening them down’. Good luck.

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ClaraPP in reply to IndiraK

How long did you find it took for the magnesium to work?

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IndiraK in reply to ClaraPP

They worked really quickly for me - the same day in fact but I have heard that it has taken a week or more for other people. Also, you can try experimenting with the dose - have a look online to see how much you can take. Did you try a very small dose of beta blocker?

All the best.

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ClaraPP in reply to IndiraK

Thanks yes I did but made no difference to my ectopics so Cardiologist told me to come off it and just ignore them which is easier said than done

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IndiraK in reply to ClaraPP

Yes. Unless you've had them yourself I think it's easy for people to think we should be able to ignore them but it's really hard. They used to bother me quite a bit.

Hello Daisy,

A quick reply which I hope will be helpful. I've replied to quite a few members who have ectopics - if you look for my replies you'll find more lengthy texts from me. Briefly then, I have had ectopics since I was about thirty years old. I have had all the usual tests. They come and they go, at times waking me of a night, sometimes lasting more or less all day for several days, on and on. The trick is, in a way, to let them get on with it, and not to worry. As you will have been told, they are very, very common, and are hardly ever anything to worry about. I am now seventy-nine. At the moment I am ectopic free, but I know they will be back. Try not to worry, Daisy, put worry to one side. You are okay, as your doctors and consultants will have said. They will come and go, as they have done with me, and once you get used to the idea that that is the case - well, I think that will be when you'll stop worrying. Enjoy your life Daisy!

Best Wishes,


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Daisee1963 in reply to pnokio

Hi pinokio and thank you for the reply.

I’m trying so hard not to worry about them but they have never been this bad and I’m at a loss to understand what is going on. When I get them has changed as well.

When they first started 3years ago I got them when I walked or moved which was very random. I had all the usual tests and was told my heart was structurally fine. I tried beta blockers but they slowed my heart down too much so had to stop.

After 6 months they disappeared and then came back after a year and have periodically put in an appearance then gone again.

About 3 weeks ago they came back with a screaming vengeance. Every 4th beat most of the time but I’m getting them when I eat, walk, turn over in bed pretty much non stop with no respite.

I feel so tired and worn out and really not coping at all well at the moment.

How do you learn to live with them Pnokio? 😢

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pnokio in reply to Daisee1963

Hello Daisy,

How did I learn to live with ectopic heartbeats? Well, over about fifty years, like you, I had all the tests, and the consultants said, every time, that everything was okay. So I kind of accepted their words and shrugged. I have had them so bad at times that they’ve woken me up of a night, bumping in my chest. When that happens I turn over, and eventually I get back to sleep. I’d rather not have them, of course, but as they are not going to stop, not ever, I had the choice of continual worry over something that everyone said was benign, or accepting the situation. I did that. At one point I off the cuff mentioned how bad they were to my doctor, and she said that although she could find nothing to worry about, that I might as well get myself checked over again for peace of mind. Although I was not unduly worried. Interestingly, this was after I’d contracted something called ITP, which can be terminal but, like a lot of other things, usually isn’t. But the medical regime for ITP is very high doses of prednisolone, which really but really weakens you. Not everyone will be affected in the same way, of course, but I literally had to drag myself up the stairs of a night. Well, in not so many words my consultant said I was pretty lucky to survive that, saying my heart was strong. Anyway, the ectopics have carried on – at the moment I’ve been fairly free of them for a while, which is nice :o) Daisy, work on accepting the situation. If you can’t, you might ask your doctor if he or she can arrange an appointment with a psychotherapist – a psychotherapist can help a person accept flying when they are absolutely terrified of it – perhaps that might help?

Good luck with it all Daisy,


I know exactly how you feel I have the exact same problem !

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Daisee1963 in reply to Tabbyjune

I really am struggling- it’s just non stop with no respite at all. I just want it all to go away !!

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Tabbyjune in reply to Daisee1963

Hi really do feel for you they are bloody horrible have u seen a cardiologist or had any tests recently ? Do you have somone with you at home


Sometimes you know the triggers & can reduce

Them , I can’t eat carbs if I do within minutes it will effect my heart ( especially if it’s iritated ) and high sugar sets it off , it can settle or carry on for hours every 2nd beat skip flutter skip

Was extremely anxious but had all the tests and it’s fine just heavy burden of ectopics: I do take

Beta blockers which have helped a lot , but will still have breakthrough periods that can last few weeks & cardiologist said can happen & you may never know why ! Try drinking ice water and sitting very forward bent over in a chair, this can end mine & you will learn coping strategies honestly! I flew long haul this year & my ectopics

We’re crazy jumping and fluttering & I managed to focus on my Breathing & stay calm

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