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Reducing flecainide?

I've taken flecainide for about 3 years and it really helped with my ectopics. Lately though they've been building up again. I'm worried that my body has got used to this dose so it's not effective any more. They don't want to increase it - and I don't want to get in a spiral of bigger doses anyway. I'm thinking that as the ectopics are so frequent again, is it worth keeping on with the tablets? People have suggested taking magnesium, which I think I'll try. I don't want to be taking meds that don't work. Can I just stop it, do you think, or gradually reduce? It is practically impossible to get through to our surgery - can't make advance appointments, have to phone and wait for call back, not good if you're at work! would be interested to know if anyone else has found the meds stopping working and what they did about it?

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I'm surprised you were advised to take flecenaide for ectopics. I though flecenaide was prescribed for atrial fibrillation, and not effective for ectopics.

I used to have a lot of ectopics and I don't really get them anymore. I'm not sure why, but I did double my intake of magnesium and that coincided with them going away. I was already taking a high daily dose of easily absorbable form (you need to check, not all forms of magnesium are worth taking). To address my ectopics, I simply doubled the dose, taking mg morning and night.

I also made changes to my diet and working environment because I determined that my working posture and diet were both contributing. Hunching forward while working on a computer is the *worst*, and dietary issues were also associated with ectopics. Not surprisingly, eating and then working at a desk with bad posture before you've actually had time to digest your food is a bad idea.

Maybe check with an EP on why you are taking flecenaide, and get advice about other ways to address your ectopics.

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I've checked the info in my tablet pack and it does say it's for irregular heartbeats, which I guess is what ectopics are. I've been to the drs today and they are doing an ecg and bloodtests - you can bet that my heart will behave beautifully during the ecg! I've also ordered magnesium and will try that - the dr says that omeprazole, which I also take, reduces your magnesium, so that could be the answer!


I suggest you take magnesium first. if you go to the AFA HealthUnlocked website and search on there, there are lots of posts about taking magnesium, which kind is best etc. Always check first with your doctor that there is no good reason why you personally should not take it.

You can also search there on 'ectopics' and look for a breathing exercise which many people have found helps to stop them occurring.


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