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Long-lasting ectopic heartbeats

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Has anyone experienced ectopics lasting all night? I sometimes get it out of blue. It then continues for hours. Very scary. My longest ectopics I had was 30 hours. Then suddenly all back to normal for a few days then it start again

18 Replies
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I get them 24/7 with occasional quiet times, very tiring 😞

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Florisgold in reply to bantam12

Has it been diagnosed as ectopics and do you take any medication. My heart sometimes feel slow too after eating

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bantam12 in reply to Florisgold

I get PACs and PVCs with pauses which cause horrible lightheaded feelings, on a bad day I can get 15+ a minute ! I've just had echo, stress test and currently have a 2 week monitor on, on stress test mine reduced when I got to 100+ bpm. My Cardio is of the opinion that meds won't help the ectopics and could make them worse, I may be sent to an EP for ablation or worst case pacemaker. I'm told it's hard to treat but doing nothing is not an option 😕

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I have them and I hate them. Saw my cardiologist on monday who seems unconcerned but then he isn't experiencing them so cant really know how unnerving and upseting they are even if not considered dangerous. I empathise with you. I have got them right now and they are driving me nuts. Not easy to deal with and constantly keeps us heart focused. Argh.

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I too have them 24/7. They're a blight on my life. GPs and cardiologists have been dismissive and uninterested. I can only hope that they're benign as it's said they are. But they do affect one's quality of life.

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Contra21 in reply to Gwersey

Exactly how I feel I'm miserable

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I’m experiencing PAC’s as we speak. I’m not sure what my triggers are anymore. Maybe thyroid or potassium levels? It was definitely caffeine in the beginning. The constant pounding makes it hard to sleep. I understand they are benign & there are those who don’t feel them, but I didn’t get so lucky, I feel them all & they are so frequent & uncomfortable. I’m taking 120mg of Nadolol not sure it’s working anymore. Does anyone know how to get them to stop?

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2468abcmuk in reply to PAC2019

I suffer horribly bouts of the things as well

Sometimes if I sit down & lean very far forward

& drink iced water (10 min ). They can stop

I take bisoprolo & if I take extra 1.25 mg when I get flares this also holds them . Personally I get few weeks or months when they are very quiet then few weeks of constant like 18: 20 a minute

I now call it my irritable heart & anything can set it off when it’s like this / eating drinking movement in general

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I used to have them constantly for 18 months when on beta blockers. All the time all day. Tried everything. Sleeping upright. No caffeine. All the usual stuff . I told the cardiologist enough us enough and he changed me to calcium channel blockers - Verapamil. 2 days later totally gone and 6 months later still gone. They were a life changer for me

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PAC2019 in reply to Bmwpaul1971

My cardiologist just prescribed me verapamil too since the beta blocker I’m on seems to have stopped working. Any annoying side effects?

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Bmwpaul1971 in reply to PAC2019

Yes. Constipation definately. But the magnesium citrate helps a little. I also notice it doesnt control my rate as well. My pulse is faster. And faster when I do anything strenuous

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I had 23000 one day. Had them for 45 years. So yes. But when mine got really frequent which is in fact infrequently these days a dose of Gaviscon would calm them in about half an hour. But these days I am taking 400mg of magnesium citrate daily and my symptoms have reduced considerably. Heart just ticking along as it should with only an occasional PVC.

Check the side effects of any meds you are taking too because some can trigger arrythmias too.

Cliff from Australia.

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Geo26 in reply to Cliffo23

Hi Cliff

Just seen your post and I too am experiencing these unnerving ectopics and have been getting them on and off since January. I’m 36 and cant think of any triggers other than health anxiety, although I’ve had this for many years and only this year have these feelings started. I just wondered whether you had any other underlying health problems or has it just been the ectopics alone all this time? I’m struggling to believe they are not dangerous but all of my tests have come back normal (with benign PVCs) - annoyingly the 2 times I’ve had a 24hr monitor I’ve had reasonably quiet days though so wonder if the doc would be more concerned on my ‘bad’ days when they’re far more frequent....

I’ve read about magnesium citrate but sceptical and don’t really like taking medicines/supplements in case they cause different problems... any advice?


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Cliffo23 in reply to Geo26

The dosage on the bottle was two tablets a day for 800mg. I take one. As I understand Magnesium is safe but you will have to come to your own conclusions on that. If it were unsafe I doubt that a reputable store like the one I purchased from would be selling it.

Regards Cliff

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I get runs of them throughout the day lasting for three minutes two hours I’ve been diagnosed with atrial Bigeminy.

I’m 36 and they have completely Destroyed my life quality .

I had an ablation for afib last December .

Been told that I cannot have another ablation for ectopic beats as where the they coming from are too close to my diaphragm to be a belated .

I could take medication to see if it helps I’ve tried magnesium that doesn’t seem to help .

I would like to try for a baby worried what the effects would be on the baby 😥.

Best wishes hope you feel better soon .

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Hello Florisgold,

At the moment my ectopics are behaving themsleves - but I have had them all day long and into the night - really bumping in my chest - had all the tests years' ago Flori - told not to worry, that all is well - that ectopics are extremely common - and so I do as I'm told - that's to say, I don't worry. Yes, mortality is inclined to come to the fore a little - but it's okay. My advice is that you shouldn't worry. If you've been checked over and been told not to worry - then just don't worry *_~

Best Wishes,


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KopEnd in reply to pnokio

Easier said than done

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I get them on and off on most days. Maybe great in the morning and really bad in the afternoon and so on. Some times lasting for hours. It does depress me even though different cardiologists have told me there is nothing to worry about. Echocardiogram completely normal and 24hr holter test revealed 3% PVCs. Mine come with an irritating cough and a throat tickle. Electrophyiologist wants me to have an MRI and a stress test but no way am I getting into one of those closed MRI scan machines.

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