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Has anyone experienced painful PVCs or thuds when on the brink of sleep when stressed or just me?

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Has anyone experienced when they are in bed say after a long day, after taking in salt, maybe alcohol(stimulants), they are stressed---PVCs? I had two like two big thuds, somewhat painful that shook me in bed and last night and winded me a bit. I breathed and coughed(vagal maneuver) and my heart was back to normal. I think PVCS can hurt a lot or be hard as I hear that it's due to how much blood builds up in the ventricles before the heart releases it. That little delay can cause more blood to build up than normal and so when released can cause a harder, more thud/thump type of beat that can be unsettling. Anyone experience this? Especially while in bed/trying to dose off? I was heart conscious yesterday. I notice when I don't think about it, they don't appear. (PVCS or Ectopics I mean)

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Yes i have them regularly. I call them donkey kicks as they are so fierce.

That's a funny term. I find being more mindful, calm, lowering stress and not thinking about the heart(heart health stress) relieves them. Do you find those measures help also?

Stress certainly makes things worse for me. I have had these big kicks for years. Never get used to them.

Hi there, I get a sharp tug in my chest with the first part of the premature beat, then the gap and then the thud. It really hurts and alarms me at times but my doctor dismisses it with no explanation. I’ve also mentioned it to the cardiologist but again no explanation. I has everything had the wretched things for thirty years now so I’ve learnt to avoid the triggers. Hope this helps a bit.


I am beginning to learn my triggers are stress and certain foods. Too much salt, too much sugar and too many bad carbs set off the thuds, especially after I go to bed at night. I also read that cocoa and chocolate intake can cause these. I am trying to learn a new way of eating and some days are better than others.

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