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Ablation and branch block

Ablation and branch block

Hello everybody

I had and ablation a year ago for tachycardia and arrithmia that wasn't controlled with medication (metropolol and flecainaide ) at worst my heart fluctuated between 40-220 for hours on end despite being hospitalized for several days and given IV with different cocktails of drugs... I was also cardio-verted in emergency but didn't work at all. I was fast tracked to have my ablation procedure with great success. It took more than 8 hours and a transeptual puncture to bring me back to a semi normal rhythm. I am so thankful to the doctors at Stanford hospital and my EP , they truly helped me out. For all of you fearful of the procedure, I must say that the way I felt previous to it made it a no brainier ... It might just give you back your life !!! Despite the blips and fear I'm so happy I live in an age while this option is available

Now, for my question. Despite feeling so much better, I still get quite breathless and every now and then I feel like I'm about to faint.. I have checked hr and BP and while my vitals get a little off its not remarkable. I was told I have left branch block and while the doctors weren't alarmed at the time I wonder if this can be the cause? Anyone out there has experiences with branch block? I will see my EP again in a month for a checkup and I just had a echocardiogram done I will also be using the ZIO patch for 2 weeks to monitor cardiac activity ( all part of routine follow-up) but I have learned so much from all of you that I thought I would ask about breathlessness and relation to block ...

Thank you so much for your time and input !

Wishing everybody continuous health

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The 2 main queries related to lbbb I believe are 1 are you having episodes of arythmia and 2 is your cardiac function (output) good. These questions should be answered by your monitoring and echo. There are lots of reasons for breathlessness and doubtless these will be pursued if these are normal.


I think your success with your ablation speaks wonders. Absolutely good. !

However, I don not know the answer to your question. I do not know what branch block is.

Continue with the fab wellness.



Twice, when I was told that I had a LBB, an ER doctor and my GP both told me drugs used to be prescribed; but they found that the drugs killed people so they stopped prescribing them. I am glad they found this out. Now they do nothing.

I have read that if you have a LBB the EKG is harder to diagnose.

I have also been told my LBB is there sometimes and not other times. There is no definite way of knowing how long it has been there; since, if you have not had heart issues, normal hearts are generally not diagnosed.

I have never had breathlessness issues or heart capacity issues.


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