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Update after PVCs SVT Ablation


Its now been 2 months since my ablation procedure. I am not taking any beta blockers or heart rhymn drugs. My energy level is much higher.

As for the SVTs and or PVCs they are almost gone. I only have them when something triggers them. It seems like when I eat a meal that has alot of sodium or potasium. I will get some PVCs, 1 to 3 in a minute. Stress and other things will also trigger them. For example I was stung by a wasp and that trigger about 2 hours of PVCs.

Before my ablation i was having 40000 to 50000 PVCs while on Flecanide per day for days at a time. Before the Flecanide I was on Beta Blocker so much my heart rate was to low but this didnt stop the PVCs.

I would suggess that ablation is treatment that can reduce the SVT,PVC load on your heart. My EP told me if untreated a PVC,SVT over 15%-20% could lead to heart failure.

Ablation like mine is verg complex it took 6 hours in the cath-lab most of it mapping. The big thing is for them be able the make the PVC-SVTs happen so the can map them. At under 20% they may not be able to map them.

Find a good EP doctor mine had two fellowships in cardio and rythmn. Ablation and pacemakers is all he does. A good EP should tell you why you are a good canidate for Ablation because of high sucess rates.

As for me I feel better my heart rate runs about 60 at rest. First thing in morning it is in lower 50s. But over all I can do anything, my general health I feel better than I have in 20 years. The brain fog from the beta blockers and the general anestia is gone. I try to manage the litte things that trigger my PVC-SVCs.

I have lost 10 lbs and walk and even run a little.

Ablation can be good but it takes a good team to make it work.

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Good for you. Glad to hear you are doing well.

I had an unsuccessful ablation done last june/16, but am going to try again this year.Back in march, he wanted me to try this month, but told me that I had to be off all anxiety medication for him to try again. It was not long enough time to wean of so I postponed it until maybe early summer. Just want this AVNRT to go away

I just just happy that things are going well for you

Rmccoppin in reply to Lolamom

I think with todays tech for mapping. Too be sucessful they must be able to reproduce the problem during the procedure especialy a left ventrical problem like mine. Its important to have a EP doctor that cares and will plan ahead. My EP doctor called me the day before and two days after my procedure just checking on my heart and the PVCs and SVT.6

Hope your procedure goes well.

Lolamom in reply to Rmccoppin

I have confidents in this EP specialist. He feels the ablation was not successful because of the benzo I was on at that time. He could not trigger the SVT His success rate is 97%...... So disappointing to be one of the 3%

Doris2010 in reply to Lolamom

Hi I'm 5wks since ablation for AVRNT how did you find out yours hadn't worked?

He told me right when I was on the table. He said he could not capture the irregular circuit

I was under general antestia, he told my family, and me afterwards he was sure he had fixed the problem. I have no PVC runs 2-3 in a row now. EKG strips at office are perfect. I feel some PVCs / SVTs when something triggers them with salty food or emotions.

Resting and sleep I don't feel any heart beats or even flutters.

I can feel it. My heart beating was labored. Now it is almost don't know its beating until I exercise.

Just feels the best it has been in 20 years!

Hope yall have as good of a outcome!

Hi there! I stumbled upon your post while I was browsing this page. so glad to hear your ablation was successful! I go in for one on Wednesday. Too often the posts on here are not very encouraging... I needed to hear this! Hope you are still doing well. Cheers-

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