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Can You Damage Your Ablation Work By Over-Exertion After 5 Months?

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I had a Cyro Ablation on March 16 of this year so it has been 5 months. (Today is August 19.) On April 13, I was taken off Flecainide and then put on a two-week Zio monitor on June 30 to see how effective the ablation was at least at that point. On June 23 I had one Afib episode lasting about 4 hours. Then on July 8, I had another Afib episode lasting 6 hours and so, was re-started on Flecainide but on a lower dose. (50 mg. twice daily.) which has worked so far.

I asked my EP, "Why bother to have the ablation if Afib can still occur? He said the main purpose of ablation is to hopefully reduce the incidence of Afib, not necessarily to end them. I know this is true and that many people have had multiple ablations. I asked him about the possibility of a second ablation and he noted that, because my episodes always occur at night, they may be related to my Sleep Apnea so, "before going back in", he wanted to test that hypothesis by having me successfully establishing a regular CPAP regimen and going off Flecainide. I just got a new BIPAP machine and am getting started. This hypothesis would then be tested by taking me off the flecainide again while on that treatment.

All that being said, my question is: Today, at the grocery store, I lifted a very heavy bag of liquids - water, etc. into the trunk and felt that something in my chest was really strained. My question is can we damage or undo the beneficial work done by our EP by overdoing? I hope I didn't because, since back on the low dose of flecainide, I have been doing very well.

Thank you.

10 Replies
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Hi Will

Just my thoughts:

I should think it highly unlikely that you have damaged anything inside your heart to do with the ablation. It sounds more like a pulled muscle.

If you fell and hurt your knee, it was sore, formed a scab and then left a scar. If you then strained your leg climbing up somewhere would you say that you'd damaged the leg scar. No you'd more like say it was a strained muscle. I think we people who have AF and ablations blame the heart much than is right.

I had my gallbladder removed about 4 months ago and just had an odd feeling in my stomach area where it was. Spent a few minutes wondering what it was, but now forgotten. I guess straining could pull on any new scar tissue a little, but I doubt very much it could cause harm. Especially after a long period of 5 months which you've had since your ablation.

How is the soreness feeling now?


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willec49 in reply to jeanjeannie50

Hi Jean,Thank you for your considerate and reassuring answer to my question. I think you are correct about the strained muscle as today it's much better. I was a little concerned because, right after that muscle strain -and we were very tired from our usual Saturday shopping regimen- I noticed a quirky little missed heartbeat that occurs occasionally since my ablation. But that went away too. Lesson learned is not to put too many heavy objects into one bag. I hope all is well and healthy with you and all the best.


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I've found heavy lifting post ablation can result in an afib attack and others have come to the same conclusion. As far as I am concerned the three bullet points are:-

Avoid heavy lifting.

Avoid alcohol.

Avoid caffeine.

Sticking to that gives me a stress free, pain free active life.

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willec49 in reply to Ernest76

Thank you for that excellent advice and your experience.

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A mere layman here. With 2 ablations & several cardioversions in past. Had been on flecainide. Currently taking rhythmol & xarelto. Personal experience & cardiologist's opinion in answer to your question is no. Was advised to go with as much intensity as I could stand. Would not undo treatment received.

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willec49 in reply to MoundMan

Thank you, sir. I appreciate your sharing your experience. I am hoping to discern whether my Afib episodes could be related to my sleep apnea. I am currently trying to get acclimated to a CPAP machine so should be able to try again going off flecainide and see what happens. My EP wants to check that out before recommending a second ablation. All the best.

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Realize my reply above was incomplete. With moderate apnea, have been with CPAP several years or so now. Has made noticeable difference for energy level. Known to us and our docs, sleep apnea has strong record of contributing to afib.

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Thank you. I will be on a BIPAP machine and the initial inhalation pressure was too much for me. Once they adjust it, I will give it my best.

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Hi there, everyone recovers from a procedure at a different rate. The important thing is to remember to listen to your body - be cautious of over exertion and heavy lifting or any activities that can put extra strain on the heart. If you have any specific questions, then do not hesitate to contact your doctor\consultant. If you would like any advice or support, our Patient Services Team will be happy to help;

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Thank you. I really appreciate the response and resource.

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