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first timer

Hi all!!

I am brand new here…. In the past few years I’ve had 2 MIs, and a CABGx2 (9/17/14)… (and lost my only brother to Afib in Sept)… I was feeling great when a sharp pain over my heart through my left shoulder to the back of my neck… the pain was intense when I laid down…. I went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with pericarditis… received the proper meds and was about to discharge me.. the discharge nurse was SITTING ON MY BED…. As I was in street clothes …. I felt a flutter and pounding of my heart so a told a medical student who happened to be in the room to go and check the monitor.. he came back with 2 or three nurses and help me out of my chair and onto the bed where I collapsed…. They crashed me.. now the room was filled with 20 people… when it was all over my heart raced to 200bpm.. the next day I had a cardiac ablation… now I’m back to feeling great… is there another shoe or can I get on with my life?

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