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Heart flutter, thumps, palpitations.

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I'm a 26 year old female. Ever since I was pregnant with my son almost 3 years ago I've developed heart flutters! It feels like a boom in my chest. Like my heart stop and starts again. It's caused me a great deal of anxiety and over the years I have developed health anxiety over these heart changes. I gained 60 pound after I had 2 kids back to back. They are 9 months apart. Ever since my heart has felt crazy. I'm wondering if weight gain could be the issue?

Very rarely will I feel pain with the thumps but at times I'll feel one and feel dizzy for not even 2 seconds. It almost feels like my heart was just surged or something! These heart flutters are ruining my life at 26 years old.

Ive suffered with anxiety most my life but I don't feel like that could be the culprit because I never felt these heart flutters before I had my children! I'm just so scared. I don't want to die and leave my kids. I'm scared I'll have a heart flutter that won't fix itself one day and I'll just DIE.

My doctor has told me I shouldn't be worrying about my heart because I'm too young. She put me on an antidepressant saying she thinks it'll stop the heart flutters. It didn't.

Another issue I have is after I eat my heart races and feels like it's working a lot harder. I never had this before I had children either...

Some advice and encouragement would be great :(

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I go back and forth to the er with these symptoms and i have them more now with this pregnancy i havent had then with my last 3 pregnancies idk why with this one but i was told mine are called PAC'S

Hello Lindsey (Destiny will be interested in this too, I think),

When I was twenty-nine I happened to be on a train passing Kings’ College Hospital, when my heart started bumping. I was very worried, so I go off and went into A&E with the problem. It was identified immediately as a series of ectopic heartbeats, and nothing to worry about. One of the two doctors I saw said he had the same problem – that was maybe just to make me feel better about it, because it was nothing I should worry about. Well I’m now seventy-seven, and I’ve had ectopic heartbeats, thumps (I’m not a doctor but I think that’s the same thing) and palpitations all my life. They come and go. I’ve had several ECGs, two echocardiograms and two 24hr tapes. Always, “Nothing to worry about”. I very much think this is the same with you, Lindsey, and I’d say your panic attacks are linked to the problem. I too have had panic attacks, and I’ve been on medication for that now and then. That’s all pretty-well settled now, but I know they could quite easily return, especially if I have something worrying on my mind. Remember, I’m no doctor, but I should think the extra weight your carrying isn’t a help. Lose some of it. I recommend the fast/feast diet, where you can eat normally four days of the week, and fast for the other three – during the fast days you can have 500 calories, so you can easily work out an eating plan around that. You’ll feel better in yourself is so many ways, and if it doesn’t stop the “nothing to worry about” heart problem, which I can tell you is very, very common, I’m sure it’ll go some way towards helping with that – the fact that you’ll be pleased with yourself will be the kind of boost that’ll help take some of the worry away. As I say, I’ve had these problems some 47 years, and I’m okay. Stop worrying too much, be positive, enjoy your life and your children.

Best Wishes,


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Nichammond in reply to pnokio

Your reply is inspiring! I hope this helps Lindsey feel better also. I too have had these since my first of three children fifteen years ago, but they have acted up quite a bit more in the last couple of years. Sometimes to the point where it has been every few beats and is super scary. I also visited the ER when on a vacation when mine were coming super strong. I believe these are just something many of us have to deal with unfortunately, but like I said, when you hear of someone who has lived a full life with them and continues to do so, it is inspiring and makes us feel better.

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Lindseyg92 in reply to pnokio

Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for this! So far they're calling premature atrial contractions im still learning and reading up on it i see a cardiologists on the 12th so they can do more tests praying my heart is healthy like they've told me before and that mine is nothing to worry about

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Contra21 in reply to pnokio

Did you get them.while relaxing just read your story

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pnokio in reply to Contra21

Hello Contra,

Oh yes, certainly while I was relaxing. In fact probably more when I was relaxing than any other time - I've never been a sporty individual. As I said, I had my first experience of ectopics and palpitations when I was on a train, passing Kings' College Hospital, when I was twenty nine. You can't get more relaxed than that, sitting on a train *_~



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Contra21 in reply to pnokio

How do you get rid of them... how do you feel about cq10 did oil .. anytjing that helps? Do they drill scare you and how long have you had then for. They make me so scared.

Hi Lindsey,

I just started having heart pals, heart flutters for over a year now. I've had all kinds of tests done and no problem with heart. However, I've been overweight all my life and started this year to lose weight. Plus I just turned 48 and going thru hormonal changes has cause anxiety which my heart Dr prescribed xanax and its helping some. But losing weight and excersing has been my biggest contributor in hleping overall.

I,ve had these from 28 years old that I know of, I will be 71 in April, I can reassure you that you will not die. I probably never noticed it before that age, like you I have anxiety and had depression in the past. I take a beta blocker which helps my heart, still get the jumps

I have been experimenting with chiropractic back care for about a year and one half. I know for certain that back issues with the T5 vertebrae and others will cause the heart to do all these things. Having children and increased weight likely challenge the back. It will be difficult to find any research in this area; but, if I were you, I would find a chiropractor who specializes in whole back health to see if your back may be the cause. You may need to tell the chiropractor to check C1, C2, T1, T2 and T5 vertebrae. These back issues may be a challenge to fix but you may have more luck than me since you are much younger and your back may respond more quickly. Good luck.

A lot of times it’s caused by stress . I have the same thing and it started years ago after my divorce. Pay attention to the signals to what your doing when they start . I’ve done this lately after switching to a new dr . There’s also certain food that will start mine up . But most of the time when Iam under stress

Hi lindsey I hAve had ectopic flutters bigamy the lot they started in my 20s I am now in my 50s for the last 3 years I have had them daily I do take betablokers which help with the missed beats and sertraline for my anxiety but keep dwelling on them and thinking about them all the time actually makes them worse when i get mine I keep busy to take my mind of them.

See another heart specialist who will listen to you and give you better advice. Heart problems can start at any age

Hi Lindsey, i am 67 and have been taking palpitations for last 30 years. They are not brought on by stress in fact usually happen when relaxing. Have had 3 day Holters and echocardiogram but heart ok although they did record ectopic beats. Doctor told me heart healthy, put me on low dose Atenolol and just to try to live with it. Sometimes when i get the missed beat it puts my heart into a palpitation for couple of hours but that doesnt happen often. I think its quite a common problem with many people. Good luck Linda

I’m literally gonna experiencing the same thing I just had my 2nd baby , I have them back to back and after I had my second one I’ve been experiencing the same heart palpitation problem it’s triggered my anxiety bad it’s usually at night tho , every night I gotta pray cause I’m scared i will die and leave my kids alone not to mention I just found out yesterday I’m pregnant again I feel like it’s gonna be hard dealing with this problems pregnant 😢

Do u only get them when you’re experiencing anxiety or do they happen just randomly?

I have almost the same exact thing u describe. I developed palpitations after I had my first child. I even have the same fears as u do. I went to a cardiologist about 2 years ago and they did an echo and holter monitor and sure enough I do have PAC’s. Recently they have become more frequent and I’m scared that something more serious is wrong with my heart. I do have a lot of anxiety though. I’m always fearing something bad is gonna happen. My mind is always racing about my health. When I do get them mainly when I’m laying down or not doing much.

I’m gonna start walking and doing light jogging and I hope that can help improving my overall health.

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Contra21 in reply to Cchavira11

Are they better I’m scared

Hi I know that feeling and how scary it is when it happens. I would suggest you ask see a different doctor. At the very least I would think you need an ecg. It is something you can have at most surgeries and only takes a couple of minutes and if its ok then you can feel reassured and stop worrying which will help.

With regards to your fast heart rate after eating, I also have that and worried what was happening until I read that this can happen with some people after eating and is perfectly normal.

I have had many sleepless nights and restless days with my palpitations and know the more I worry the worse they are. So when they are at their worse I try a number of relaxation techniques which on the whole works but is easier said than done but they do help


I getthose while laying in the bed when My heart rate goes really low, down to 46bpm . Maybe my heart beats too slow? I had all the tests for heart disease and seems like im perfectly healthy .... I guess ill just learn to live with it even tho it still gives me a bit of anxiety.Im 34 yold..

My heart also does this when relaxing and I’m thinking maybe it does have to do with it slowing down because I’ll measure my rate and it is not high. Usually my hr is pretty high. I’ll be completely relaxed and then bam, out of nowhere! Feels like a punch or flopping fish on the inside. Freaks me out! Sometimes they are huge and I have a really hard time convincing myself it’s normal.

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