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Fast Heart Rate Anxiety/Heart Problems What can it be???



I'm a 27 year old female, So lately i have episodes when I'm just resting and my heart rate shots up to 130bpm and I'm nor even doing anything. Just now its 2am i woke due to feeling my heart throbbing out of my chest 😔 I gone to so many ER rooms o get told that i have bad anxiety but lately I feel fine not anxious so I'm worried 😪 Any ideas or any advice on how I can try to get myself back on track at home? Especially the situation where in right now with covid19 wouldn't want to be seen in a Emergency room.

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I can only tell you what I've experienced, that is as soon as I think about what my heart is doing it will perform and start beating faster. Then I record my pulse and the result will scare me, I worry and my rate goes even higher.

After 15 years with AF, the solution I've found is to ignore the heart's unusual beating as much as possible and not set out to record what's going on. Even the hearts of normal people without AF, it has been shown that their hearts too will have odd little flutters, missed beats and extra ones. They take no notice of it happening, but we people with AF are so tuned into the beat of our hearts that we note every little bump.

You say that you're doing 'nothing' when your heart kicks off, but are you doing very shallow breathing and could that be the cause that triggers your heart to protest? Try to make sure that you take some nice deep breaths every so often, especially when you're concentrating on something on t.v. or social media etc.

Hope this helps.


Thank you yes I will make sure I do so!

Yes exactly I can be lying down calm and feel my heart palpitations and I start checking my heart rate then I start with the BP machine 😫 it gets worse every time I check it. Your so right I must learn to ignore it.

I just so fearful and I mean other then that I gotten so much blood work I gotten ekgs and everything is normal.

Most of us are told that the mechanics of our hearts are working fine, that is really good news, but we know that it has it's funny little turns. What we must not do is allow our minds to turn that odd little beating into a major event. I think our minds are far more powerful than we give them credit for. Every time I had to see my EP I would feel really good in the period beforehand and on the day, but get past that and back it would come. If I wore a heart monitor, well I would feel as if I could easily climb mountains and would be brimming with energy, but again take it off and not so good.

By the way your heart rate going up so high, it may just have recorded at a time when you had a few extra beats. If it continues at that rate for a long time, then that's different.

Let us know how you get on please.


Yes will do so far my heart has been below 100bpm. Its just nerve racking jumping into conclusions. My sister has a pace maker so I always think what if I end up with a heart condition ☹ thank you for your great advice 😊

If it happens daily, you should just get a holter monitor. The Cardiologist or preferably Electrophysiologist can take a look at the results and tell you what the issue is. If it is SVT, often they can fix that depending on where it originates from. If it's short bursts of PACs or PVCs they won't care, as most people have those and they're normal and inconsequential if your heart is healthy. If it's jumping up randomly all throughout the day and it's not anxiety, you might have Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, or IST. What did your sister have a pacer put in for? Good luck, in any of the above cases, it will be fine!

Palpman in reply to 2k2d

Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia??? Is there an Appropriate one?

2k2d in reply to Palpman

Yes, IST is an actual condition. It means there is no medical reason you should be experiencing tachycardia. Either your heart rate stays over 100 for much of the time OR your heart rate shoots up very high for everyday things that shouldn't cause a high heart rate. It's very debilitating for many and it is unknown whether it is an abnormality in the way the heart fires electrically or more of a dysautonomia.

Appropriate tachycardia includes exercise induced tachycardia, stress, various illness/fever, congenital abnormalities, medicine/drug induced, etc.

Crash88 in reply to Palpman

lmao... all heart things are inappropriate even a broken heart! cheers Marco

HappyGirl22 in reply to 2k2d

It happened to me like 2 times hasn't happened since but thank you yes im going ask my doctor better be safe then sorry. My sister was born with long qt syndrome so since she was a baby.

Thank you for you reply! Helps so much 😊

2k2d in reply to HappyGirl22

You’re welcome! Hope you get it figured out! Many types of svt don’t have to be treated unless they are driving you crazy due to frequency. And long qt would be detected on your resting ekg, and won’t have symptoms like a fast heart rate, so I’m sure given your family history, your dr checked for that, but never hurts to ask. Best of luck getting it sorted!

HappyGirl22 in reply to 2k2d

Thank you, yes I asked before so far do good! But yes thank you so much!!!

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