Hey everyone, I'm stumped and need some serious help or insight

So first and foremost I'm Josh, I am a 31 year old male, I do have anxiety (lately starting to question this)

Now please don't be bias about the anxiety, I'm just trying to be open and honest and I have a bad feeling many rush to anxiety as the answer when it's there.

My issue

I notice that during the day, same time daily, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm my heart when I stand up starts racing to 120 bpm right when I stand. When I lay down it goes down to the 80s. This is only during the evening during them hours..... When I go to bed at night, 9:30 pm I notice that my pulse dips down to the upper 50s when I'm about to fall completely asleep or really relaxed, my question is,

One is this normal? I have had echo back in March on my heart and it was clear, isotope stress test came back clear, 5 ekgs, all clear, heart monitor showed a few pvcs (anxiety related) but clear, I quit smoking over 4 weeks ago...... Cold Turkey.....

Also when I noticed this starting up, I noticed that My BP went from 130s-120s over 80s every day all day to flucuating all day. Standing it can be 120s over 80s sitting 108 to 120 over 70s and lying down 95-105 over 60s and 50s...... Just alarms me is all that it went from steady to all over the place.

Biggest concern I have is that pulse of 120 standing, every day at the same time and I didn't do anything to raise it, usually I'm lying down or sitting reading and I'll just feel it spike so I check and it's that high, wish I could do a video of it. I know it sounds like pots but I'm just worried it's something else more serious and every doc that I've seen has said it's just anxiety..... Problem with that, I'm not anxious when it happens, I get anxious after because I don't understand why Its doing it.

Anyways thanks you all.

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  • Ask for 7 day HR and 7 day BP monitoring.

  • Armyguy -sounds like a viscious circle to me.stop checking your pulse so often for one thing.Just try it for a couple of days. If your body detects you are concerned about your pulse area it will send signals and you will go into 'flight' mode and pulse will change.

    Are you in the forces and if so are you happy there?

    Sounds a bit like you are over worrying -have you talked to anyone apart from medics?

  • Not in anymore but I already did throw the monitor out but it kept coming back and keeps happening.

  • Do you have any support?

  • Not really, I'm on my own.

  • Not easy. when you are on your own things seem to be worse.chatting helps.how long were you in the forces?

  • I was in for 10 years, sorry I didn't see your response.

  • I got rid of my fit bit as I kept checking my heart rate (I have SVT) and then, if it was higher than I expected to be, it would go higher due to the adrenaline!

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