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Irregular heartbeat and resting heart rate in the 50's


Hello im new to this support group but im destiny and for the last month or so i have been feeling heart flutters and skipped heart beats every now and then & heart beats that feel like real hard thumbs like it's not beating.... Sometimes along with these symptoms feel slightly dizzy not much and sometimes legs feel like noodles or sometimes it feels as if im goin to faint or my hearts just gonna stop..... I have taken multiple trips to the emergency room where they say my heart is fine i even went to a cardiologist who did an ekg and an echo which they said came back fine everything looked good.... Now i went to see a different cardiologist who done an ekg and the results from that was (SINUS RHYTHM WITH BLOCKED PREMATURE ATRIAL COMPLEXES RIGHT ATRIAL ENLARGEMENT BORDERLINE ECG)! They havent explained this to me and im freaking out trying to find out what this means! So i also had a stress test today on the treadmill which is exhausting😷😷😥 & i have to wait 2 days for those results! I usually keep up with my HR & its usually no lower than 62bpm now the lowest was 53bpm whilst laying on the bed in the docs office waiting for my test to start! WHAT IS GOING ON IM SCARED!!!!!😥😥😥😥

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Don't worry, just makes things worse! My resting hr was 30 but now 40. I have a flutter in my heart every 30 seconds or so, also no visible p wave yet my doctor isn't bothered at all. But then she is a big fat toad and only interested in how much money she can salt away.

welcome, I am sorry you are dealing with this. This forum is great for finding people who understand this and how frightening it can be. It makes me feel better always to know that I am not alone when I read posts, and I hope you find comfort too. More over though, I hope you find answers soon. It sounds similar to PVC's or PAC's / ectopics which I experience as well. When it first started happening I panicked and even had a couple of ER visits. It is difficult to get used to them though even when having them for awhile...

What do can they do to fix it? & its comforting knowing other people deal with these as well im very scared & nervous & i pray its normal for my age and nothing is seriously wrong i pray we all find comfort and peace and answers & solutions for this.... Thank u all so much keep the comments coming

I have a primary care doctor and i go to the ER often and they send me to other docs like cardiologists. Yes im in the U.S. and its only slow when im resting i just never seen it that low. I just had a stress test done i haven't gotten the results to that yet.

Hi, I am in Wales, and I only went to the doctors because my heart rate more than doubled for around 50 minutes just after going to bed, I also felt very cold and was shivering.

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