Experiencing palpitations - believe it may be SVT

How's it going. I'm a 29-year-old male that's been experiencing heart palpitations. I'm currently waiting to see a cardiologist next week but I want to know if anyone experiences episodes that are similar to mine.

I often get an ectopic heart beat or flutter, that causes my heart to increase in rate. The regulatory of the rhythm is normal, however the rate can go as high as 150Bpm. I've had palpitations in the past, but never at this severity.

Every time I've been to A&E the ECG has shown no irregularities, other than sinus tachycardia. I think I may be suffering from supra ventricular tachycardia, but until I get a diagnosis of the cardiologist I'm just stuck worrying.

There was one episode in the early hours of the morning, that caused me to ring 999. I was sitting at my computer desk when I had an ectopic beat (flutter sensation) I said to my Freind online I was going to head to bed. My heart started racing after the ectopic beat but proceeded to have another ectopic beat walking up the stairs, I woke up girlfriend up telling her "My heart! My heart is beating really fast! And really hard!" She rang 999 and they advised me to go to A&E. I went to A&E and they took me round to a bed where I was hooked up to an ECG. My heart rate fluctuated between 120/130bpm for over an hour and a half. When the Doctor came round after an hour he said my heart was fine and in sinus rhythm. He didn't really have much of an explanation for the tachycardia, other than I may be having a panic attack or prone to anxiety.

This has happened twice in February and one in march where I've had to go to A&E and one time where the paramedics came out. I've been having minor episodes in April but can't wait to see the cardiologist in early May.

Please let me know if anyone has experienced similar symptoms. I also get very cold and begin to shake when it happens. Not to mention my hands and feet are cold all the time, compared to the past when I'd always be warm/hot.

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  • Hi John from what u say it could be SVT but will take a while to diagnose, sounds silly but because your cardio appt is drawing closer your stress/anxiety levels will subconsciously be higher causing a higher heart rate! Viscous circle! Sounds like more investigation needed they will prob get u to wear a monitor for a week to record heart rhythm fluctuations before making a diagnosis. I lived with SVT for 6yrs before agreeing to ablation treatment which I had 4wks ago! I honestly felt better before living with SVT & a heart rate that often went above 220ppm, then I do now!! Anxiety is an absolute pain! I cant convince myself that my rhythm is now normal! I'm sure time is a great healer! Good luck with the cardio & keep calm👍

  • Thanks for the response Doris! I can't believe your heart rate reached 220bpm. I have a quick question - when you experience SVT did you have an ectopic heart beat that would set it off to go fast?

  • Hi John, no mention ever of "eptopic" beats with me, my triggers for SVT were always exercise/exertion or overheating which is why SVT is so annoying but at no point did I worry because my heart always went back to normal rhythm eventually!

    Try not to worry (I know easier said than done when it's your heart) get a diagnosis first & then medication for SVT may work for you, the type of Arrythmia you have needs diagnosing 1st. Let me know how u get on in May!

  • Hi there, this is really bizarre as I was literally just about to send a very similar post. The GP has told me I've got ectopics before but recently I'm getting them every hour and yes they trigger a racing heart beat. I get a rush of blood to the head with it, feel lightheaded and hot (although cold hand and feet). I then feel real discomfort in my chest/throat and sometimes left shoulder (sometimes feels like I've swallowed a couple of snooker balls and they're stuck in my chest. I been so frustrated over the past 3 years since having these. Sometimes they go away for weeks. I had an attempted ablation 2 years ago as the cardiologist thought I might have an act but he couldn't find it while I was on the operating table and eventually just sent me on my way. I've just bought an Apple Watch and kardia strap so I can get some proper readings myself to share with my doctor because what I get now feels much more than just the odd missed beat.😔

  • Really sorry to hear that Elliot. Especially being on the operating table for everything to be inconclusive. It's reassuring to know someone else experiences ectopic beats the lead to a racing heart rate. As I don't know if it's correlated to PSVT. Some people don't seem to experience ectopics during SVT. I've been wearing a Fitbit 2 to basically try and manage my weight and monitor my heart rate. But a Kardia wrist band seems like a brilliant idea to monitor a simple ECG yourself. Can I ask how old you are?

  • Of course. I'm 43, female. Thought I was super fit until I started getting these.

  • Will let you know what the new device shows!

  • Good stuff! Hope you get some progress. I'll share what the cardiologist discusses next week. It may give some insight into other people's complications.

  • Hi John. Just read your post and can relate to it fully ! I have pvcs, pacs and svt. Usually the pvcs scare the heck out of me but the worse is when I lay on my left side nearly every night I get a run of pvcs that trigger a really fast heartrate. I called an ambulance twice but by the time I got to a&e it had gone back to 60bpm! I live alone so it induces sheer panic every time and I hate bedtime !

  • Well I've since been to see a cardiologist and he seems to believe, I'm thinking about it too much because every time I've had an ECG I've been in sinus tachycardia.The day later, I went out for some exercise on my bike and it wouldn't come down from 155bpm. Again, the A&E Doctors said I was in sinus rhythm even though my heart rate was fluctuating between 100bpm - 150bpm whilst lying down hooked up to an ECG. I suppose it's reassuring to know that it's been at 155bpm and they said it's in sinus rhythm. I honestly don't know what to think anymore, I'm at a loss.

  • The cardios said the same to me about it being in sinus rythm when mine went to around 160bpm. But I find it hard to believe because it certainly feels different to when I excersize and it goes up! I keep getting scared that it might be ventricular tachycardia or something!

  • Do you have SVT?

  • Yes . They caught a few runs of it on my Reveal device that i had put in my chest because I passed out a couple of times over the months. Thing is I don't know if this is svt or what . As you say it's really confusing!

  • I know it's really worrying. I've never passed out in my life. How old are you?

  • I m in mid forties and have had these things for about 5 years or so but none of the Dr's seem overly concerned about it ! Doesn't reassure me much though ! Seems to have got more frequent recently!

  • Yeah I'm 29 and I've had ectopic beats in the past, but never to the point where it causes me this much distress. Doctors don't seem to think I have an arrhythmia. But I'm not sure, it seems too much of a coincidence that I get a ectopic beat and my heart rate increases.

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