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Greetings, I had to have a conversion to stop a first time afib with flutter on tues. they said I needed to have the stress test where they put the radioactive shot in and watch all to see if blockages are anywhere....Are there any one who have any side effects after? I seemed fine and did the test, they said it was negative, and let me go home from hosp.stay next day... Since home I have a horrible time inthe am? I get up and my heart rate goes real fast, and I have to sit down, wait a few more min's, get up and walk a little more, till finally after an hour or more, till I can walk with out any of the high heart rate.. My pressure goes way down,89/58 then comes back to normal after waiting for that hour and a half.. I feel rattled, nervous, depressed,etc... Is there anything anyone knows or has experienced like this?? Heart fine, Lungs fine... Just hidious morning knowing when I get out of that bed after waiting 5 min. sitting and moving ankles legs, hoping that will work, but nothing... I never took asprin before and know I am suppose to take every day, been doing that since I got out of hosp... 9 days now... I panick, I don't know but I feel like a freak, or a walking bomb.. I am the only caretaker of my wonderful 93 yr old Mother, whom I adore, and I just wonder and worry...Dr. said oh just sit on bed and wiggle legs and ankles~ PLEASe if any one can give me even a non hopeless case feeling that would be great. Don't know but been this way ever since I have been home.... Thank you for listening, Candy

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  • I did a bit of online research into adverse effects of this test when it was suggested I have it and I cancelled the appointment, as it sounded as though it could make life with my SVT even worse. When I told my GP I had cancelled I had expected remonstration instead he said that in my case he would probably have done the same. I think we should all be made more aware of the risks involved and that those administering the test should be cautious of the after effects to those with conditions like ours and doctors more sympathetic and wary of suggesting it too readily.

    Do hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you for you info. I think you are absolutely correct about the handing out of tests that are not really ness. and risky for us... your post was most helpful.. :) wish I could rethink taking it, but to late, I was scared and told I must have this done in order to diagnose the cause, which did not happen~ So, you are right.

  • Sorry it was too late for you and hope you'll get a clear diagnosis soon. I can't understand why the old exercise based stress test was superseded. At least then they could stop if the patient was distressed and there seemed less risk of after effects.

  • You are absolutely correct Maria 40 !! You should be a peoples advocate on here :))) But you are spot on:)) Thanks again for your time..

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  • Wow, that sounds like something worth trying! I am soooo thankful that you wrote this information to me~ My Dr. s said this is something that sounds really good, and no harm in trying~ So I am looking up this site and giving this a try... wow, Thank you for taking the time to send this info.. so nice of you!

  • Had one, totally unnecessary

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