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What does Angina involve?

Can you recover from Angina, I suspect I have contacted this condition from overeating, and lack of exercise, does it leave permanent effects on the system? I have only contracted the condition very recently. If I exercise, carefully, and diet slowly I will hopefully improve. I have heard that aspirin, occasionally can relieve some of the pain, rather than painkillers, which could be harmful in the long term?

ps George Foreman grills and suchlike, can reduce 42% of the fat, but this does not mean you are able to increase the amount you eat, be careful!

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life style change, food intake control, drinks intake control, watching free sugar and hidden sugar is very important.

Regular exercise for at least one hour can help towards a healthy life.

How id you find out you have Angina?

Did you  GP or a specialist explain to you one how to improve for your issues?

Low cab high  fat diet can help you as well, also green leafy veg, watch out for portion size. You may need to get a small plate!

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It was obvious, just about to get in an ambulance to hospital, very sharp pains in chest, pains in back, pains in movement, classic signs. Have bought a low fat grill about 6 months ago, using whole pack of meat, chicken, etc, " ah well! it's low fat can't do any harm!", weight gone up dramitically recently. Sitting in front of computer all day, registered disabled, living on my own. 

Even getting a cab to go shopping, about 10 mts walk away, usually one weeks shopping in one visit, quite frankly I was asking for it! Ironic I had a stroke 8 years ago, too much fatty food, if it had not been for the low fat grill, I probably would have had another stoke!

I have been on diets before, quite successful, only I need a quick 'kick up the pants' every now and then, to make sure not going back to my old slobbing ways! Set a target loss of 31 lbs!


You have a target to work toward to get into better shape. Please watch the quantity and portion size, 1/3 water, 1/3 food and 1/3 empty to start with. This is very difficult but you can do it.

Breakfast at 8 AM, nothing mid day, may be a hand full of nuts. and you can get hunger by 12!, after that nothing (food), tea and water till evening meal. This is a slow process and you can achieve it. I am feeling hungry as it is coming up to 12 now. today I had breakfast and tea. coffee at 11,

When I first started it was difficult for me, now controlling it, my belt is my marker. If I feel too tight then I do miss lunch or only have green leaf veg with tomatoes and onions. I eat in the evening before 7PM, nothing after that, just a fruit or water. When I get up I do feel hungry. One in a while when I go out I take leave from dial plan. Some weeks I do keep a food intake diary. I am controlling my weight.


Here's a resource on angina from the British Heart Foundation you might find useful:


How do you know you have angina?  There is a condition where a slightly displaced rib can cause angina type symptoms.  The relief from this condition is for a chiropractor to take the pressure of the nerve.

Angina is very easily diagnosed from symptoms without a medical consultant taking the time to check the arteries are problematic.

Another thing that is never checked is how you use the muscles.  Poorly functioning muscles are capable of causing all sorts of things.  Poorly functioning muscles are almost never investigated by the medical profession.

Exercise in old age should be about moving well.  Exercise in the early twenties is about increasing the ability in strength and endurance.  If you are middle aged then you should be looking at yoga, T'ai chi and Alexander Technique.  And of course ensuring you get enough sleep.

Hope this helps you investigate the things you need to do.


I checked for angina via my GP who sent me onto local A&E, blood tests,... normal etc. Funny you should say that, I have scoliosis, my chest is deformed, and one of my best friends is my chiropractor, who is now due a visit. 

I have started a diet, less food more exercise, I'm not a spring chicken anymore [sixty in three months] and slightly overweight!

Thanks for the advice!


See a doctor for diagnosis.

Accumulated fat in the body seldom comes from fat in the diet. 

You may have become aware of the angina recently but it takes years of raised insulin/IGF-1 levels to narrow arteries.


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