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Eating Healthy with No Stove/Oven Access

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Hey everyone, I am brand new here. I was hoping I could get some suggestions/advice on my current situation.

Currently, I am living out of my car due to some unforeseen circumstances and situations. I am still employed full time and am renting an office space that has a kitchen with a fridge and sink but no oven or stove.

My question is, does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to eat healthier (to lose weight) with no access to a stove or oven? There are two refrigerators at the office space and they both get cleaned out on the weekends.

The only things I can think of are simple salads but other than that, I'm lost. I have lots of restaurants near me, but that gets pretty pricey.

Thank you in advance and if anyone needs any other information, please let me know.

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Hi and welcome to the Healthy Eating group, ScubbaLubbaDubba. Thank you for introducing yourself.😀👍

Do you have any allergies to certain foods/drinks?

Nope, no allergies of any kind. Thanks for responding :)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ScubbaLubbaDubba

You’re welcome! Did your doctor suggest that you eat low carb.?😀👍

He did not. Just greens, protein and "good" carbs. I am starting to go to the gym as well during the week. I work retail part time as well, so that has helped with moving around. I was pretty stationary for the past 6+ years, since I work on a computer all day.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ScubbaLubbaDubba

Do you like Greek yogurt and/or hard boiled eggs? I have them for breakfast every morning since they are low carb. high protein and keeps me from being hungry until I have lunch. They also help control the blood sugars so they stay even during the day. I have type 1 Diabetes.

I like both actually. Thank you for the great suggestions!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ScubbaLubbaDubba

You’re welcome! See what flavors you want each day and then you can have the hard boiled eggs on the side with the yogurt.😀👍🍦

Hi ScubbaLubbaDubba firstly I’m sorry about your predicament and I’d have thought that you could buy a slow cooker to make one pot meals made with healthy ingredients and this will come in handy when you have a proper home.

I hope that you get your situation sorted out and good luck to you.

Jerry 👍

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Professor-Yaffle in reply to

This is a good idea. I was thinking maybe a camping stove but didn't suggest it as it just feels a bit hazardous in an office! A slowcooker is a much better plan. Just throw in some veg and meat and liquid ...... lots of healthy dishes suddenly become available.

Hi! -- I hope everything gets resolved soon with your circumstances :-) -- I like the slow cooker idea mentioned above. When I had no oven/cooker at one point I bought a simple electric steamer that just sits on the bench top. So easy-- and with a couple of layers inside you can cook a few different veg, rice, plus fish/meat, all at the same time. Hope you find an idea that works! Best wishes

Thank you so much for this!

Olives, nuts and coconut, along with greens and a small amount (500kcal per day) of carbs.

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FatbuddyHigh Risk

Are you in USA or UK ? Stay at Extended stay hotel, weekly. Or as paying guest at some ones house.

If No diabetes ?

Liquid diet for few months, till you get better apartment.

Green Smoothie and Fruit Smoothie.

You can add protein powder, make with water, regular milk or almond milk. You can also have milk powder at home for emergency use.

Add two table spoons flaxseed oil or ghee or coconut oil.

Thank you for this!

I recently came across electric soup makers. Have not got one myself, but sounded like an interesting concept. A bit like a kettle, but can make soup really quickly in 30 mins apparently.

Others have beaten me to it - I was going to suggest a small slow cooker for nearly everything, and an electric steamer for fresh veg. All the best with it.

Since your fridge gets cleaned out on the weekends, put big notes on the food you don’t want thrown out. Use a big bold black marker to let them know you mean business. 🍀

Can you manage to buy a microwave oven. They are not so expensive That way you can cook in it too. As its not too big or heavy you could move it around easily or keep it in your car when need be. That way you can have warm meals instead of living on salads.

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Contax in reply to Zara0123

I was thinking the same Zara0123, amazing how many gift their old microwaves and such on Freegle sites or other sites where people sell things off cheap, if lucky and got one with a grill could do a lot more. Managed for over a month when I moved home and could not get a gas fitter to fit cooker.

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Zara0123 in reply to Contax

They are handy. In countries where they don't have ovens a lot of people use their microwave ovens to bake cakes, make pizzas and pies and cook chicken etc.

Luckily there is a microwave oven here at the office I rent from :)

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Hi ScubbaLubbaDubba

I hope you're managing to enjoy some tasty meals. I haven't got any suggestions to add to the great suggestions you've already had. I just wanted to wish you the best, and hope you'll let us know how you're getting on.

Zest :-)

Thank you Zest 😊 I will keep everyone updated.

A meal that wouldn't need cooking would be pre cooked prawns or shellfish and prepared salad from a supermarket. Falaffel makes a good snack if a little high in fiber if you eat too much. If you have somewhere to cook, i find an electric wok very handy. You can make a range of low carb meals with just that.

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