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Home baked gluten free brown bread.

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Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get my gluten free brown bread to rise better and am achieving better results by being very careful with the proving time as unlike wheat bread you can't knock gluten free bread back and let it rise a second time.

So especially with the recent home made crumpets olive bread and muffins here's my seeded gluten free brown loaf.

Please keep posting your wonderful photo's of your home cooking and baking folks.

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That looks perfect and I bet it tasted great. I was looking on YouTube and saw a recipe for a whole grain bread that really interested me, I thought I would give it a try maybe next week. See how it goes, 👍😊

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Hey thanks Hidden you’re lucky that you can bake with wheat so I’m sure that your whole grain loaf will be really good. 👍😊

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Hi Hidden ,

Your brown bread looks wonderful! Enjoy!😀👍

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Hi Leah thank you for that as it beats buying gluten free bread. 👍😊

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You're welcome, Hidden ! :-) Yes, homemade is a lot tastier and healthier than store bought items. :-)

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Hi Hidden

You've done really well to achieve that rise in your bread. Your seeded gluten free brown loaf looks sooooo good.

Zest :-)

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Awe thanks Zest its well worth making the effort to bake gluten free thats for sure. I hope that you're enjoying your weekend. 😊

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Yes thanks, it's so sunny 8-)

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Wow, best looking GF loaf I’ve seen. Daughter has just been diagnosed so I’m a fish out of water at the start of my GF baking. Which recipe did you use? Have noted the tip on the knocking back after proving, very helpful 😁

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Hey thank you Walkmore here's the recipe I use whether its white or brown gluten free flour that I use and I use Doves farm gluten free flours.I usually use a tea spoon of sugar but you can use honey like here, please see:


And here's a gluten free bread making guide with a few more tips:


And thank you again for the positive feedback we have lots of gluten free recipes in Topics:


Jerry 😊

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Many thanks for taking the time to respond and including the links. Looking forward to reading the recipes in topics to broaden my knowledge- never too old to learn 🥴

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You’re very welcome Walkmore this is why we do this. 😊

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Much appreciated 🙌🏻 lots to learn but a mountain of helpful stuff here to get me confident with a new cooking regime 😁

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That looks beautiful Jerry, you have certainly mastered baking GF bread 😁

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Thank you Debs fortunately I enjoy baking gf bread 😊

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I think your a natural Jerry, my attempts could break a window


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