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Gluten free fruit cake

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Hi everyone,

I love fruit cakes and made this one yesterday but forgot the butter was really cold so the fruit was blended up with the mix but I like that. This shows how we can add extra nutrients as I used some quinoa which I ground up in my coffee grinder as quinoa is a complete food and helps us get all the nutrition that we need from our diets.

Here's the recipe, 170g S/R gf flour 55g ground quinoa (or almonds) 170g butter 3 large eggs 170g mixed dried fruit with peel 1 tea spoon mixed spice, all whizzed up and baked in a round baking tray with flaked almonds on top and baked @175 for approx 35 mins until cooked through.

I'm also going to post a photo of a slice of the cake to show how good a feature adding photo's to replies as we will be able to give screen shots with explanations of how the sites work.

Enjoy your day folks and keep warm, its a good reason to stay safe and warm and creative e in the kitchen...I had a slice yesterday afternoon when it was still warm from the oven.

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And here's the texture I love the colour as I used mixed dried fruit with lots of peel, which I really like. 😁

Gluten free cake.

That looks absolutely lovely!! I haven't had fruit cake in ages, I usually make one for xmas (gluten free too as my eldest daughter is coeliac - though she doesn't like fruit cake so I don't know why I do it GF), but I didn't make one this year. Yours really looks amazing!

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Nikon1972

Thank you so much for saying this Nikon1972 we have lots of gluten free recipes under Topics

I think that you make GF as it must make your daughter feel nice whether she eats fruit cake or not so good for you. I'm sure that you bake lots of things your daughter does like. 😊

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And there's me Jerry having had a good lunch and now I've seen your photo I fancy a slice of your cake with a cuppa. It really does look like a lovely tasty cake Jerry and I love fruit cake, it's my favourite. 😋😋🌈🙏

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Hey thanks Alicia and you've got taste...🌈😊

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Hidden in reply to Jerry

Good taste when it comes to your home baking Jerry😋😋🌈👍

Your cake looks just what I fancy, I’m going to try making it with the quinoa ground in my grinder, thanks for the easy recipe, I’ve got all those ingredients too. 🙂

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JerryAdministrator in reply to zube-UK

Hey thanks thats great I hope that you enjoy it. 😊

I must try you gluten free recipe, Jerry. My 70 year old husband has had a blood test that indicates coeliac but he has no symptoms. He has been asked to go for a gastroscopy but GP agrees he should leave it 3 months because of the coronavirus levels in Slough, where the hospital is. I think he should meanwhile try to go gluten free and I will be making your cake this weekend.

Hey Alferdsmith, my daughter is coeliac, and I was just wondering what your medical team had advised regarding going gluten free before all tests, including gastroscopy, have been completed? When my daughter was diagnosed, she was supposed to keep consuming gluten until after the procedure, as damage to the intestine can heal quite quickly and therefore if gluten is avoided, especially for as long as three months before, the results will not accurately reflect coeliac disease related damage, and might lead to a false negative result? I thought I'd mention it, as I was keen to obviously do what was right for my daughter's diet as soon as we knew she shouldn't eat gluten, but was advised that she needed to keep consuming gluten for the procedure to provide accurate results. Good luck with the process!!

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Nikon1972

I agree 100% 👍

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JerryAdministrator in reply to alfredsmith

Hello alfredsmith if your hubby is going for a gastrostomy then they will be looking for collapsed and damaged villi so its very important that he keeps eating gluten until advised to go gluten free by the specialist as Nikon says.

So please bear this in mind and I wish your hubby well with the hospital appt. 👍

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alfredsmith in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry and Nikon 1972. Advice noted. OH has contacted GP for confirmation.

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

That looks amazing Jerry, very professional and delicious 😁

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Awe thanks Debs. 😊

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