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Being dismissed by a&e


Has anyone had the misfortune of ending up in a&e in complete agony and they won't help as it's a on going condition.well happens to me every time I in complete and utter agony all the way round my colon it's hard but all Im passing is overflow and I can't seem to shift what needs shifting laxatives cause me that much pain.two months I've been trying to get this across to somebody and that I'm really struggling to cope I dare not move for pain.has anybody any ideas on were to get help before this kills me.

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Hello Dukesy we can't give medical advice so I would try the NHS 11 service and here's an online link, please

Good luck with this and I hope that it helps.


Dukesy in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry but I've done that and believe it or not I was told."what you ringing them for.they don't know anything" which I replied " so why do you advertise it everywhere" just shrugged his shoulders and walked of in a huff.

Curly1_ in reply to Dukesy

Hi you need referring to a specialist in my opinion I don't know your full circumstances but this needs investigating properly I would make a doctor's appointment I know this takes time bit you can get a same as day appointment or telephone call if it's emergency xx

I agree with Curly1. You need to book a GP appointment. It could be chronic constipation with overflow . My husband suffered from this. Hope you get it sorted.

Hiya Dukesy. I got to the point I completely lost my appetite because of the pain. I didn't go to A&E but it cleared up for me after a big life stressor was over. I can relate to how you feel.

Your doctor is your best bet, they should refer you for a colonoscopy. An enema is another option but I'm not sure how available they are, or under what circumstances.

There's no immediate relief, really. You should probably stick with your doctor, if they aren't helping or referring you, a second opinion/seeing another doctor (at a different surgery if possible) is probably your next best option.

You can search doctors surgeries here and they have reviews for each surgery

In the meantime try eating at least one portion of fresh pineapple every day and drinking plenty of water.

Lifestyle changes are super important and a vigorous workout usually keeps me in order. I know you're in agony but if you can manage a few rounds of running up and down the stairs, that might help.

I find the occasional colon hydrotherapy treatment helps (for future reference).

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Sorry been there to GPS.ive got a specialist involved.had about ten colonoscopy both ends been on twenty different laxatives etc all didn't work even lactolose put me in hospital for three days......I'll try fresh pineapple starting tomorrow all I do is drink dilute pop.always got bottle with me lol.tryd everything it's been three years of chronic abdominal pain and want me to live like this.ive knocked six teeth out grinding with pain lost 11 stone.been really ill.then I'll get to the point of proper pain unbearable everything twisting about.time for hospital.get there and they just don't bother don't even examine me.its a joke like to see them in this state and try and work.cant speak half of time.its like they've given up trying to help me and leaving me out to going threw a crisis at moment me and partner of 17 years have come to aend and I'm moving into my own home.all because she can't stand to see me like this all time.its not just ruined me.its depressed he bad.what a carry on eh!wish lived in America at least they'd do something for me.thanks for replying.x

Bong1968 in reply to Dukesy

10 colonoscopies? Really? I seriously doubt that...

Dukesy in reply to Bong1968

I think so had three down throat.ive been cleared out once.then had three times to put enemas right to the back.and five times looking for things,not ten then but getting there.had well over the danger level for x-rays and CT scans.ok with the scan in the pipe that makes lots of noise because had panic attack whilst in it. Been threw hell with this and still no answers.

A colonoscopy is not done down the throat. I think your getting confused with the type of tests you’ve had. When you have a colonoscopy you have to take a prep. the day before to clean you out completely. This enables them to see the inside of the colon clearly. If you get panicked in an MRI scanner (the ‘pipe that makes a lot of noise’) then you can ask to go in feet first rather than head first.

You would also have to drink some prep. just before the MRI if it’s an examination of your bowel.

I think you would benefit from being referred to a gastroenterologist. If the specialist that you’ve already seen is a gastroenterologist it may be worth speaking to you GP to see if they could contact the hospital to get you another appointment as a priority.

Keep a diary of your symptoms to take to any appointments that you have as it’s often easy to forget what you need to say when you’re there.

It could be that you need to seriously change your diet in order to ease your symptoms? Again medical advice would be recommended for this. You may be able to self refer yourself to a dietitian through your GPS surgery for this.

Personally I am thankful that I don’t live in America. Their healthcare system is a nightmare if you’re not insured and don’t have the funds to pay for treatment.

itselenax in reply to Bong1968

This is exactly what I was going to comment. A gastroenterologist is certainly going to be your best bet when it comes to sorting this issue out. It could be that you had an endoscopy, not a colonoscopy. A gastro specialist might start you on certain medications, ask you to go on diets like low-FODMAP, etc. I would recommend asking your GP to refer your urgently.

Re American medical treatment - absolutely right again Bong1968. Also they're not necessarily any better at treating conditions either so I'd stick with the NHS!

Sorry I thought down the throat was a colonoscopy.thanks for helpful information.

I've got specialist he's at his wits end like me.he can see the turmoil I'm in but can't help n can't think what to do next.i know what colonoscopy is.ive had the camara without prep because it causes so much pain like drank acid.ive had it sucked out.camara up and two enimas inserted that had no affect.ive had camara up three times were they've put 1000 mil of saline to try empty me only that come out.thats in a year.ive got a appointment again tomorrow with my specialist because a&e won't do anything.its a right run around it of which I'm sick of.its bad when everytime I go bed am I going to have to go hospital.if I take laxatives will they work or are they just going to stop me urinateing and I'm running round house like a headless chicken.nightmare.

Last year I went a&e several times and got fobbed off with codeine, which as you can imagine made the problem worse. I have stage 4 Endo and my uterus is fused to my bowels, so going can be very challenging, esp at TOM. Luckily I was already under the women’s hospital and they transferred me each time but still fobbed me off. I had to really emphasise the pain I was in and the detrimental effects it was having on my life/health. One of the doctors was an Endo specialist, so the last time I was in she was very helpful and suggested amitriptylene which seemed to help at the time. I was also put on the Prostrap injection which brought on a whole host of other problems that are associated with the menopause and made things worse the first month. You can be on it long term but I’m also going down the ivf route. I have come off it now to see how my pain is ready for ivf but it has suddenly come back and it’s terrible. So I am back where I started, I swing between constipation and going every 5 min if the pain is bad. I’m seeing a nutritionist who believes they can help without meds but in the meantime it’s torture, I feel you. It’s mad because what works for one doesn’t work for all 🙁 I’m on oral morphine for when it’s gets really bad

Imyogi in reply to Imyogi

Oh and a non lactose/fructose sachet for constipation

Dukesy in reply to Imyogi

It's like banging you're head on a brick wall isn't it.i seen my consultant yesterday in agony on my right side.really he put me on fentynl patches which do make things can feel water being sucked out of me.horrible but he won't listen.i know they've got there hand's full with covid.but enoughs enough with me.think it's time for a stoner.but they won't.lactolose put me in a n e thought me bowels were going to explode.been to hell and back we're started was on patches two year ago.and been on them a year was on 50 milagram and stopped them dead when I was in hospital put me in withdrawal two days later for a couple of weeks.they don't understand how we

Imyogi in reply to Dukesy

It’s extremely hard to get a hold of someone who understands for sure. That’s why I’m trying to focus on the nutritional side because pain meds just aren’t cutting it. I feel for you hun, it’s the worst and nothing you do seems to help for long. I’ve just started taking chaste tree berry supplements, hoping they’ll help

Dukesy in reply to Imyogi

I'll try them aswell can't do any damage,been done.not wrong about getting people to understand youths receptionist and the nurses are all aaaarrrrrrrr duck you ok hope you get it fixed.then see Dr and they play it down.makes you go mad in end.anyway hope the berries work for you.and you get well soonish.and get proper Dr.x

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