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So shocked to realise how unhealthy I am

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I'm so shocked to realise how unhealthy I am. And desperate to do what's needed to be healthier! But how do I decide where to focus? I don't use these sites so don't know if this post is appropriate. apologies if not!

I had a TIA a fortnight ago so I'm half way through a month of not driving and finding it a real hassle.

I've got high cholesterol. On statins. Exercise regularly. Eat a mainly veggie dire, with some oily fish.

I'm researching further changes to my diet but wondering whether to start supplements, special yoghurt etc, though I'd prefer to avoid what I think of as "faddy eating". Hopefully the subscriptions I've just made will provide further info/support.

Comments invited.

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Yes, your post is in the right place, and you will find everybody here very supportive.

You say your diet is mainly veggie - but vegetarian diets vary a great deal in how healthy they are. So you eat a lot of fresh veg every day, and in plenty of different colours? If not, that is always a very good place to start. Huge piles of fresh veg with enough protein and enough fat, so that there is almost no space on your plate or in your appetite for much of the foods that we eat only for their carbohydrate content is my recipe.

Personally I avoid any supplements or any highly advertised so called healthy foods, and stick to natural foods.

Then you will need to do a bit of reading about the different ideas about what is the most healthy diet to eat. Different people here will have different opinions of course, but try to avoid diets with that include fad foods and any diet that you wouldn't want to stick to in the long term, as they are not healthy.

Others will be along soon with their own ideas, but I don't think anyone will challenge me about the fresh veg!

Best of luck with it.

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FanofTheBodyCoach in reply to Whydothis

Many thanks for your quick and helpful response.

The advice about the full plate is Especially appreciated as I do enjoy the feeling of being full.

Hopefully you’re right about further comments from others. I look forward to receiving them.

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TheAwfulToad in reply to Whydothis

Totally agree with Whydothis and have very little to add to that simple prescription. Eating healthily is pretty straightforward. There's no need for "special yoghurt", supplements, or whatever.

I'm just rather curious to know why you think you're "unhealthy"?

You might want to do a bit of research on statins and "high cholesterol". Don't you find it odd that virtually the entire population of the UK is being diagnosed with "high cholesterol"? It isn't even a disease. It has no direct consequences and the positive benefits associated with statin-driven cholesterol reduction are vanishingly small compared to the well-documented side effects.

IIRC, given a population who do not have advanced heart disease, the number-needed-to-treat (NNT) for statins as a class of drugs is 400-500. Crudely speaking, that means that for every 400 people prescribed statins, only one derives some therapeutic value from them, and the other 399 either see no benefit at all, or have a negative outcome. Even for people in the high-risk group (ie., middle-aged men who have had at least one CVD-related episode) the NNT is only about 20. I'm not going to tell you what to do or what not to do with your medications, but do make sure you're fully informed about what statins do so that you can decide whether they're likely to help you in your life goals.

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FanofTheBodyCoach in reply to TheAwfulToad

Many thanks TheAwfulToad. You've reminded me that I initially intended to check out statins but in my hurry to take action I forgot to do this. So I'll get onto it immediately.

Changing the subject, I'm now aware that my choice of name for my account here is boring. Is it too late to change it?

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Nugger in reply to TheAwfulToad

I second that on statins, I was talking with 2 friends & statins came up, we all had been advised to take statins & all had refused, we are all over 64, not over weight, in fact the guys house we were at , has an allotment across from his house & it’s immaculate, he’s 73 & built like Bruce lee lol

I’m a Brit living in Florida & when I got back here, I went to see my doctor, told him what they had said in the Uk, HE SAID, NO NO NO, YOU DON’T WANT TO BE TAKING THEM! Drew blood & said I’ll call you IF anything is out of range, never got a call, nuff said!

Hello FanofTheBodyCoach welcome to the group and your post is very appropriate, I agree about eating real food cooked from scratch and personally choose a whole food diet. I know that you need to but down on fat and salt and have exercise but do take advice from your specialist about what exercise is appropriate for your specific needs.

Here's a couple of links that will answer some of your questions and I think that you're doing the right thing seeing having a TIA as a warning sign.

So good luck and you're in great company for all things healthy eating on here so do let its know how you get on. 👍

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FanofTheBodyCoach in reply to

Thanks for the info. I'll check out those links soon. (And also try to find the graphic for a thumbs up!)

I love the spirit of helpfulness on this site. Very supportive and much appreciated during this worrying time.

in reply to FanofTheBodyCoach

Hey we’re a support community so I’m glad that we’re here for you.

For a thumbs up just click the emoji tab on a phone or tablet.

Here’s a link that about using HU communities as it may interest you:

You take care now and take things one day and one step at a time and we will cheer you on. 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to FanofTheBodyCoach

Welcome to the group, FanofTheBodyCoach . :-) Please feel free to continue posting/commenting, asking questions, taking a look at the Topics/Events/Polls/Pinned Posts and other member's postings/comments for ideas and suggestions for meals and/or snacks.

As Hidden has mentioned, we have a very supportive and helpful/understanding group of members that are willing to help with any questions/concerns you may have to the best of our abilities.

Here are some postings that deal with cholesterol and diets that the other members had done. I hope they help you. :-)

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Hi FanofTheBodyCoach

I'd like to welcome you to the Healthy eating forum, and hope you enjoy participating here.

Zest :-)

👍I've just found out how to add an emoji - so I'm now in danger of over-using them!😀

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I am a fan of Michael Moseley, he tells you what to eat, when , how and why, and includes excercise, and you have options on how to do it

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FanofTheBodyCoach in reply to vonniesims

Sounds great. Any suggestions on where to start?

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vonniesims in reply to FanofTheBodyCoach

They have a web site the fast, but this is about the 800 cal daily diet that is now being promoted by the NHS

. I bought the book, and hat means its full of explanations.

I am doing TRE 14:10 and 5:2;which is now 8:2.

That means I don't eat for for 14 hours out of 24

The 8:2 involves just 800 cals on 2 days a week. Good luck

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FanofTheBodyCoach in reply to vonniesims

You must be very determined. Sounds challenging. I’ll check it out but I don’t think I’d have the willpower to go without food for so long. Maybe I’ll try an adapted version!

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vonniesims in reply to FanofTheBodyCoach

You can do 12:12, so if you eat at 6pm you can eat again at 6am. It has cut out my evening grazing

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FanofTheBodyCoach in reply to vonniesims


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Get a COMPLETE PHYSICAL, things like high cholesterol, diabetes are BAD. Taking medications, excercising and eating do these All at the same time.

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Have a look at your blood sugar levels, Is your waist half your height? When you say you exercise regularly. what exercise do you take? Bear in mind that vegetarian diets can have shortfalls. Have you consulted a BANT registered dieticians dietician to look for deficiencies?

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FanofTheBodyCoach in reply to Ianc2

Just done the calculation for the waist and height and I am spot-on.

I’ll think on about the diet and the exercise so thanks for the prompts

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