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How to eat for mental alertness, energy, and feeling refreshed all day?


I've always been tired and exhausted. I'm not the healthiest eater right now, but I'm not the worst either. Just finished a meal of asparagus with olive oil, pepper, and sea salt.

Right now, I eat lots of protein: shakes, cheese, nuts, meet, yogurt, some fruits and veggies, and so on. I do it because I get hungry easily, to the point where I'm so hungry I feel desperate. But if I eat high-protein, that doesn't happen.

What foods should I focus on to feel awake, mentally alert, and refreshed during the day?

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Cut down on the fat and protein. Instead go for plant based healthy carbs - that's fruit, veggies, pulses, graiins. This will give you the energy you need.

What does that even mean?

If you can toss some exercise in to the mix then that will help too. Don't cut carbs completely, just be smarter when you have/need them.

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I agree with this. I feel very exhausted all the time but whenever I can push myself to somehow exercise even for 20 mins, I feel much better after. I do the walk at home program by Leslie Sansone on days I just cannot bring myself to go out otherwise I take a walk. Yoga also helps.

What do you mean by be "smarter?" I don't know how carbs work in your body. Everyone says to avoid them today. I don't because I really don't know how they work. I eat to stay full and avoid sugar/salt.

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To many people try to put their opinions and their diets onto others when they know nothing about them. its not right and very confusing especially people who have diabetes they tell you not to eat carbs and not to eat fruit. do lots of reading and get facts for yourself. your diet looks excellent to me. what i try not to get to tired is eat smaller meals as i can over load my system if i eat to much at once and need to lie down for sleep. from what you have said your doing great. we need a balance of all foods. romana

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i think by smarter the person means to have more knowledge of the better carbs. i'v learnt a lot about food that i never knew What is the difference between good carbs and bad carbs?

These carbs that get absorbed slowly into our systems, avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels. Examples: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans.

We can minimize the health risk of bad carbs by eating fewer refined and processed carbohydrates that strip away beneficial fiber. Examples: white bread and white rice.

here is a link about good and bad carbs. i always read them again myself as i can forget.

just a tiny comment, Ditch the sea salt. Go for pink Himalayan rock salt. its not expensive. I'm putting a link about the difference of the two salts. as if your changing your diet you want the best and sea salt can dehydrate the body and the opposite is true of Himalayan.i changed my diet and make most things from scratch, IV stopped buying sugar I do try to eat as much organic as i can, i dont drink or smoke so i like to buy the nicest food i can. i do know it tases to much better. i was on omeperazole and anti sickness tablets and buscopan now i seldom take any of that stuff. I also have ditched all my bottles of sauce and any jams except for honey that has not been processed i dont eat any microwave meals. i have to say im feeling the best iv felt for many years its quite amazing. i now think of food as medicine, i still have me treats of popcorn and some nachos but i get the cheap ones that have no taste to them they are a bit like cardboard but i like then on a sandwich as it gives it a bit of crunch, herbs/spices can be sprinkled on the nachos. I would not stick to my way of eating if i did not enjoy it. I also drink plenty water which i usually put slices of lemon in my water and bits of chopped ginger. I slice up my organic lemons into quite a thick slice and freeze all the slices on a bit of grease proof paper then toss them into a freezer bag. i know i said this was a tiny comment but i got carried away. love grace xoxoxo



It's because of high protein diet.

1)56% of dietary protein gets converted to glucose

2) protein gets insulin response though to a lesser extent than carbs. When this insulin spike falls we get hungry.

3) lchf concept : c:p : f 20:20:60 proportion for our caloric requirement. Put lots of evoo as a dressing. Cheese and evoo / vco will keep you full for a long time.

4) if hungry take BPC / coconut / nuts. They will satisfy hunger and keep full for a long time. Salads too but they lack enough calorie.

5) c + p =25-35% with rest of energy from good fats is the remedy for excessive hunger.

6) IF will keep insulin levels low so will avoid hunger.

7) eat only when hungry and keep stomach half to 1/3 empty.

Try this and let's know he results.

would be wonderful if we all knew what BPC and lchf evoo? etc stands for


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