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Does this sound like something that can be easily fixed with my diet?

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Hi, I'm 16 year old boy and I've been having a few issues lately. I know it's related to my diet but I don't know the extent of what it is or how bad it is.

I've been constipated for 6 months, only going about once a week, and I've been having anxiety and getting depressed and a lot of their things aswell.

I've been researching and I don't know wether it's leaky gut, or just not enough good bacteria in my gut.

I don't know if like just a good normal diet and maybe some probiotics will fix this problem? It will it have to be a full on elimination diet and like other things aswell.

Please help? πŸ™‚β˜ΉοΈ

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hi Dylan try eating green foods with chlorophyll and enzymes, dnt overcook just steam so u dnt destroy the nutrition, drink organic apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and 20 mins before a big meal to help with digestion. buy the Braggs brand its the good brand.

Dylan2000 in reply to euny

Okay, but do you think I could have a leaky gut at all?

euny in reply to Dylan2000

that l wouldn't know dear but l doubt if constipation is one sign and symptom of a leaky gut. Do you drink lots of purified water? preferably reverse osmosis purified water, better purifiers on the market, with pure coral calcium to restore the minerals and enhance absorption by the cells.

Dylan2000 in reply to euny

I do drink a lot of tap water. And I think constipation is a sign of leaky gut. I'm just not sure wether it's that or just bacteria that needs fixing

You MUST NOT allow this to continue as the consequences could be serious. Two bowel movements a day is not unusual. Try to avoid medication as your gut flora don't like it too much but do have a look at your diet. To give the system a kick start you could try a dessert spoon of syrup of figs twice a day after meals. Avoid white bread, avoid sugar and anything associated like Coca Cola or other fruit flavoured drinks. Increase your fibre intake with fruit and fresh vegetables.

Most of all get some professional advice quickly ideally from a homeopathic doctor NOT a homeopath.

I wish you well, Tibbly.

Dottie2011Star in reply to Tibblington

Also make sure you're getting enough fat in your diet, as constipation is also a symptom of not enough fat!

Dottie2011Star in reply to Dylan2000

The chlorine in tap water will also kill of your good gut bacteria. You are much better off leaving the chlorine for 24 hours to evaporate before drinking, or drink bottled or ozonated instead.

Hi hun. Your 16 and I personally think you need to see your Dr. Rule out leaky gut for a start, explain your reasons to Dr. One big side effect of loosing weight for a lot of people is constipation. I would advise you to eat more fruit/veg (tomatoes are very good). Your Dr will be able to prescribe lactose. Good luck. As a mom I think your doing great


Hi Dylan,

A visit to your GP would be helpful, as he/she can discuss your symptoms and work out the best way to help you.

Here is a page about foods and digestion that might help as well:

Wishing you the best, and welcome to the Healthy Eating forum.

Zest :-)

Please try Golden flax seed, take a big spoon full and swallow it down with a big glass of water, do two or three times a day until you are not constipated any more. My husband has been put right this way.

Figs have the same effect because of the seeds!. Worth a try. However don't delay with getting professional help. Tibbly

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