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Off my food for weeks

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I have not eaten a proper meal for weeks, i do cook and then waste most of it,although most is not wasted as i put it out for the birds.

But this morning i did eat a small bowl of porridge and i managed to eat it all.

I just cannot stomach my food lately.

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Anxiety causes this for me. I don’t want anything to eat. Stick with that porridge if it works and make sure you get protein.

Shakes 😃

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Have you spoken to your doctor to make sure there's no underlying problem?

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secrets22 in reply to Cooper27

no not yet but i will when i can get an appointment.?🤬

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to secrets22

Ah that's rubbish. Hope you can get something soon!

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secrets22 in reply to Cooper27

its not rubbish i can assure you...and i am no liar.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to secrets22

Hi secrets22,

I hope you can get in touch with your doctor and set up an appointment before the end of the week for either Friday or next week-- at the latest. I hope you feel better soon. :-)

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to secrets22

I wasn't saying you were lying, I was sympathising with how difficult it is to get an appointment.

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Cb1963 in reply to secrets22

Ah, I think this is where a text message can get misconstrued ,I don't think Cooper 27 meant rubbish in a bad way, its how we read into a message, I've often come across many post's and sometimes a simple word can trigger a massive argument on a different page on the forum, and we can use different terms or wording that may upset folk, sometimes we may have to read the person's whole history before we make any comments, and walk carefully in what we say, and of course we have to make exceptions if they are younger than us, sometimes people just make a quick statement, others want to give reasons why, its so difficult trying to put all the ingredients together to make a perfect cake as so to speak, but I'm sure nobody wants any bad feelings towards you, the feelings you have are most sincere, genuine, honest and we all appreciate that, and sometimes we pick the wrong word, maybe it was a misunderstanding, and Cooper will have you over a barrel 😂 best wishes

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Cb1963

Yes, pretty much this. That's rubbish=that sucks (i.e. a rubbish situation to be in).

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amykp in reply to Cooper27

What Cooper said. REALLY important. Call and call again for that appointment, and tell them you have lost your appetite and are losing weight for NO REASON.

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Hi secrets22

I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing that, but I'm glad to hear that you were able to eat the porridge this morning. I hope you're able to find out what is causing your difficulties, and that you can find a solution, so you are able to get the nutrients you require.

Zest :-)

I'm sorry that you havent managed to eat much lately. I do hope it hasnt caused too much weakness and energy loss. Glad to hear that you were able to empty your bowl of porridge today and I sincerely hope your full appetite returns soon.

I know you've been going through a lot recently, and stress can play a major part on how we deal things in general, I'm very similar with food, I buy food, but I just don't have much of an appetite some days, but I have a really bad stomach some days, I have every intention of eating it, but the thought of eating it just makes me gag, I resort to eating porridge, or a banana, just to keep my strength up, my stomach churns over like a cement mixer and keeps me awake at night time, and I lose sleep, its a never ending cycle, and then sometimes I can manage a meal, but I've always had a dodgy stomach, and maybe just try nibbling on smaller snacks just to get you back into the swing of things, because the stomach will shrink if you were used to having 3 meals a day,my brain can't shut down while I listen to my stomach, boy it's a nightmare, so even some soup maybe, otherwise you'll be joining the wide awake club at 2 am lol, and the dawn chorus and feeding the birds even more food, so I wish you well 😇

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secrets22 in reply to Cb1963

i already belong to the wideawake has many are so similar,i buy food and then dont want it,the thought makes me gag.x

Hello Secrets, as a child, growing up and when I was poorly, my mum used to make me a soft boiled egg in a mug with a slice of bread cut up and added to the mug and a small piece of melted butter all mixed together. This may sound awful, but when I was poorly, it was THE most delicious meal ever. These days this little meal could be converted to eggy bread as a more ‘grown up’ meal. Also, as one gets older, there is the thought that little meals and often is more preferable than perhaps three meals each day.

May I wish you well in your returning to health journey.

I read your previous posts and saw that you sadly lost your dog recentlly and I am guessing this may have some bearing on your loss of appetite, I urge you to have small nutritious snacks to keep you going, you did well with your porridge so hopefully things will improve

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secrets22 in reply to Lizzo30

Yes my friend its been a sad old time,i lost my partner of 30 years,and now to lose my wee Eddie has left me in bits.

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