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Gluten free Jewelled fruit cake,

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Hi everyone,

I bought this gluten free rich fruit cake as a Christmas treat, instead of marzipan and sugar icing this one is crowd with red and yellow glace cherries and pecans, it's a very soft and moist cake delicious and moorish.

I think that this is a great alternative to a traditional Christmas cake and being gluten free its a real seasonal treat for me.

I hope that you've all enjoyed/survived Christmas...πŸŽ„

18 Replies
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crazyfitnessPWB Guest

That really does look good Jerry, sticky and moist, my kind of cake.πŸ˜‹

JerryAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Thanks Alicia it was a must have buy...πŸ˜€

crazyfitnessPWB Guest in reply to Jerry

I can certainly see why you bought itπŸ˜‹

Kitten-whiskersVegan star

That looks delicous Jerry, my kind of cake as well πŸ˜€

JerryAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Thanks Debs, it is a real treat and a good buy. πŸ˜€


That looks absolutely delicious!

JerryAdministrator in reply to Hidden

It is Hidden 😊

What do you drink to wash that yummy fruit cake down? Things go better with milk or for us PCa folks maybe Almond Soy milk 35cal. What’s you’re fav drink w/ F.C.?

JerryAdministrator in reply to depotdoug

It has to be a nice hot cup of tea depotdoug ...β˜•οΈ 😊

Very Christmassy. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Jerry and enjoyed the dinner you made for your family and friends. This cake looks like just the thing to have on a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea.

JerryAdministrator in reply to Agoodenough

Thank you Ali, I hope that you had a great Christmas yourselves. 😊


This cake looks lovely Jerry, with traditional Christmas cake I peel the icing and marzipan off, don’t like either of them, but someone’s usually happy to eat that bit for me!

JerryAdministrator in reply to Fran182716

Hi Fran, I'm sure they did...that's a great idea to eat the best bit and give some one else the sugary toppings, 😊

I would love to have one, I miss fruitcake so much! Where did you get it? Is it available online?

JerryAdministrator in reply to goldey

Hi goldey I bought it in my local whole food shop here's a link:

It's a very nice and moist gluten free fruit cake and I'm enjoying it. 😊

thank you! I wrote them to see if they ship to Canada -- everything on their site looks amazing!


Looks delicious Jerry

Zest :-)

JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest it is...😊

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