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I'm new here... and a foodie... ♡

WebMistressIF Star

I'm new here. I've recently learned that I am pre-diabetic. I've also come to the conclusion that I have an eating disorder. Mainly I am concerned with nutrition and I get so worried that I am not getting enough vitamins and minerals that I overeat, hoping to get all the nutrients that my body needs. This happened because I am kind-of OCD. I used to key in everything I ate, on one of those apps that show you all of your nutrition. No matter how good I ate, I never met the goals for protein, or vitamins, therefore, I would start eating extra things and push over my calorie limits just so I wouldn't feel like I was malnourished. This began an obsession with nutrition. I started to gain weight and feel terrible. I eventually gave up my routine of exercising and watching my food, because I realized I had an issue. I made a new years resolution in 2018 to stop that and enjoy life, eat anything I want, and don't think about it. Well, I did that for an entire year, and it was so good, I kept on doing that and here I am now overweight more than ever in my life. Now, I am back to thinking about nutrition, only this time I'm thinking in terms of "simplicity" and I am eating whole foods, not finishing my entire plate, eating slower, and more mindfully. I'm looking forward to finding recipes here and making friends. I've been on both ends, totally obsessed, and then totally careless. I am a foodie, and I love food, but I do have a strong willpower, and because my A1C levels of 6.2 were so close to diabetic type 2, it was a huge wake up call. Currently not strictly following any diet. Looked into Keto, looked into Intermittent-fasting, and decided for me, the best thing is all-things-in-moderation so long as I am focused on health, and nutrition and whole foods, leaving out junk food, processed foods, and fast foods and when I go out to eat, I'm careful. I have cut back all sugars, except fruit, and all carbs.

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Welcome to the healthy eating forum! And good luck with your new healthy eating journey :)

I think you're absolutely right, if you've had a complex relationship with food in the past, any sort of specific diet is likely to be a risky business. It sounds like you've got things sorted though :)

The only thing that might be worth considering is to work with a BANT registered nutritionist, as I know they have some good plans for reversing pre-diabetes.

WebMistressIF Star in reply to Cooper27

Thanks Cooper! I am in the USA, so not sure I can find a British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine professional, but I will definitely ask my Primary Doctor for a referral to a nutritionist! I have seen one in the past (back when I was so obsessed about nutrition) but this time I want to see one to improve my A1C numbers. I have been reading a lot about how to do that, and losing weight by changing my eating habits and exercising seem to be the key. I sit at a computer all day (I'm a web developer) and I have a lot of extra time in between web edits to browse the internet for information on lowering A1C levels. But, I will definitely ask my doctor for a referral to a person who is a professional nutritionist! Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to WebMistress

You can also ask your doctor for a referral for an Endocrinologist in your area and who takes your medical insurance.😀👍

The key for you looks like reducing your carb intake without obsessing phcuk.org/nice/ and when you do that, you have to eat sufficient natural fat. I wish you all the very best!

Hi stillconcerned. Ive followed the link you posted here and also in response to Airedale as well, both times it just came up with an error notice. Am I doing something wrong?

Is it that new HU thing, warning you you've clicked on a link? If that's it, just click the link again in the message. If it isn't, could you copy the address into your browser?

Failing that, google NICE guidance NG28 sugar equivalent infographics :-)

You’re right, I clicked again and got there. The msg is very off putting and not intuitive to continue, I wonder why they’ve done it?

“Redirect Notice

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JerryAdministrator in reply to PandQs

Hi there, it has been done voluntarily to protect members on social media by making them aware that the link is directing them away from the HU domain and the message gives us the link to click again so I think we have to accept these changes in the spirit that they are meant, to protect us and keep us aware of our actions.

It is nothing to worry about and at least HU domains are safer and far friendlier than many social media sites. And this is why I announced the changes to members to reassure everyone.

Jerry. 😊

Please see for more info on the re-direction notice:


PandQs in reply to Jerry

Sorry Jerry I hadn’t seen any post about the change. It didn’t worry me, I just thought the link was broken so didn’t continue.

Cooper27Moderator in reply to WebMistress

Yes, I just spotted your post about breakfast and realised!

So I would just warn you that "nutritionist" often isn't a protected title, so anyone can do a 5 minute internet degree and call themselves a nutritionist. Whoever you go to, be sure to research them to check their qualifications are legit!

Sorry, all-things-in-moderation does not work. If you are really serious about reversing your diabetes and achieve a healthy weight, consider LCHF/KETO dietary approach. Learn about LCHF/KETO and start following. Watch Dr Sarah Halberg's presentation below. You will get some motivation. Visit the website dietdoctor.com for LCHF diets and many recipes.


WebMistressIF Star in reply to Praveen55

Thank you so much. I have been looking at those two dietary approaches. Thanks for the link, I will definitely watch it!

PandQs in reply to WebMistress

Hi WebMistress, I’ve been following LCHF very successfully, but not obsessing about cutting out carbs altogether, just the ones that really cause a blood sugar spike, like potatoes, rice etc. A contributor here called the TheAwfulToad described it very well as “Moderate carbs, Adequate fats” which I think has given me a good weight loss and is also sustainable long term.

andyswarbs in reply to Praveen55

I agree with praveen that moderation does not work. Moderation for most people means eating roughly what they have eaten before. It means I am not prepared to learn what good nutrition actually means.

But that is the only point I can agree with praveen on. The more you move towards a varied whole food plant based diet they healthier you will become. This will include removing concerns over diabetes and indeed many other chronic conditions. A varied whole food plant based diet guarantees that all your nutritional needs are met. There are nuances such as B12 but if your diet includes things like almond milk then even B12 won't be an issue.

Not only that, providing you ensure you are eating close to the calorific needs for your BMI you will find desire for snacks becoming a thing of the past.

My meals today? Breakfast large bowl of porridge. Lunch salad, hummus, falafel, bread and some raw veg. Dinner - a slice of bread. Exercise today: I have been for a good walk and 2 hours of sweaty bikram yoga.

WebMistressIF Star in reply to andyswarbs

Hopefully I can reverse my prediabetes, lowering my A1C and get on track. I am enjoying all of this advice. I do prefer plant based diets. My main problem is I ate out too much and put on weight. Overindulgence! I'm definitely not doing that now. I'm learning to eat smaller portions. Choosing healthier foods. Avoiding sugars, breads, white rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. I'm being careful not to raise my blood sugars.

Keep in mind that bluberries have been shown to blunt sugar spikes, not just immediately but even 24 hours after consumption.

Eating out is a huge danger. You have so very little control over what you consume partly because the social pressure to "enjoy" is overwhelming. For example if everyone else in your party has a desert and you don't the you look like the odd person out. And no-one wants to be seen as the spoilsport! Eating out means you have little or no control over oils in cooking. Eating out is a great way to put on weight. Oils, for example, are the most highly calorific "food" on the planet. So if you want to control calories then oils/fats go exactly against that goal.

The damage caused by B12 deficiency can't really be described as a nuance.

The necessity for fortified food/supplements is an obvious flaw in any idealism that seeks to be seen as healthy.

Cooper27Moderator in reply to andyswarbs

I'm saying this on both replies, as it's important: I would just say, if someone feels they have had an eating disorder in the past though, a strict diet like this can risk a condition called orthorexia (an obsession with "clean" eating), WFPB is quite a common one for people to use as they develop this. This is why any major overhauls ought to be done with a professional.

andyswarbs in reply to Cooper27

absolutely agree - relevant professional help is a must.

Praveen55Star in reply to andyswarbs


LCHF/KETO dieatry approach is compatible with vegetarian, plant-based and meat-based diets. What is important is the amount of net carb intake should be optimised according to person's existing conditions.

Kai-- in reply to andyswarbs


dailymotion.com/video/x6mew1h 👍👍

Deleted upon request:

. . . • "Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet: Debunking 7 Misleading Statements"

. . . • "Ketogenic Diet vs. Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Diet for Type 1 Diabetes: Rebecca’s Story"


Addendum — Supplemental Resources/ References:

. . . • plantbasednews.org/post/lea... . . . • plantbasednews.org/post/9-n...

. . . • forksoverknives.com/why-i-q... . . . • weightloss444.wordpress.com...

. . . • dailymotion.com/video/x6si5pz . . . • dailymotion.com/video/x6mevao

. . . • healthtalkblog.com/is-the-k... . . . • nutritionstudies.org/does-t...

. . . • greensmoothiegirl.com/bob-h... . . . • mayoclinic.org/healthy-life...

. . . • health.clevelandclinic.org/...


andyswarbs in reply to Kai--

That is a very comprehensive understanding of diabetes. Thanks for the link. I would like to see a low-carb person's comments on it.

Adding more carbohydrate to diabetes, which is already an excess of carbohydrate in the blood by definition, cannot mean balanced.

Praveen55Star in reply to Kai--


benwl in reply to Praveen55

No need to use all caps.

The dietdoctor site that you often recommend is also a commercial site, but you don't seem to have a issue with them.

Praveen55Star in reply to benwl

Dietdoctor does not ask one to buy a product to verify something. Look, what is being said here:

''She jumped in and started browsing the website, and purchased the Mastering Diabetes Online Summit so that she could hear nutrition advice from a variety of experts.''

All claims, no explanations. For those things you have to buy a 'Master on-line summit' at a price of hundreds of Dollars.

Please try to understand, this not about meat-based Vs Plant-based diet issue. I am not against plant based diet or for meat based diet. That is an individual choice.

As far as blood sugar control is concerned, both approaches work as long as net carb intake is in accordance with person's tolerance level.

Kai-- in reply to benwl


For amusement & horror 🎭 , benwl (if not already seen):





😯 😳 🤯


Cooper27Moderator in reply to Praveen55

I would just say, if someone feels they have had an eating disorder in the past though, a strict diet like this can risk a condition called orthorexia (an obsession with "clean" eating), which is why any major overhauls ought to be done with a professional.


sorry to hear about your struggle with food and anxiety. I don’t know much about diabetes but I do know that sugar can be your enemy if you’re not careful. Most people don’t realize how much sugar they eat and where exactly it comes from. anything high in sugar and fat with very little nutritional value like red meat and milk. A plant based diet combined with the right vitamin supplements could help. Every person is different so talking to a doctor and self research help greatly.

WebMistressIF Star in reply to Hidden

I definitely am avoiding foods that are processed. I believe I can heal myself through my diet. Nutrition is key!


Hi WM, firstly welcome to our friendly forum being a foodie you're in great company on here. And thank you for introducing yourself and well done for being so open about yourself.

You know the importance of food as nutrition and you know about the importance of exercise and not eating more calories than you burn off and now you've had the wake up call so its time to put your will power to the test and eat well for you and your needs thats the secret in jy opinion finding what works for you.

To me one big problem is our perception of what we are eating so if we see eating empty calories as a treat then we are deceiving ourselves because this treat is going to add to our misery but keeping us trapped in bad eating habits. We literally are what we eat and I look at ways of adding more nutrition by adding seeds and food that have a nutritional punch.

You might find fasting and IF help you gradually lose weight and HU have a new Fasting forum: healthunlocked.com/fasting-...

I am very keen to help prevent diabetes so I am glad that you have joined us and hope that we can learn from each other.

Jerry 😊

It’s amazing how we don’t need help to over eat but find it very hard to under eat!

Sat here on a Friday morning & not eaten since Tuesday evening, 5ft 10inch/175 pounds, looking to get 165ish.

All I hear from my overweight friends is, can’t see point in fasting lol but it works for me, good luck, it’s all in your head!

Praveen55Star in reply to Nugger


No 'Diets' can compete with 'No-diet' i.e. fasting as far as weight loss is concerned. However, it may not be practical for everyone for various reasons. LCHF/KETO dietary approach is the second best option for weight loss because it mimics the fasting effect without going through the the uncomfortable feelings of hunger and weakness. Once KETO adapted it becomes easier to go on longer fasts if required.

Low carb offers additional benefits in reducing blood sugar, blood pressure and improving other metabolic disorders also.

WebMistressIF Star in reply to Nugger

Fasting does work great! I've done several long term fasts. And love intermittent fasting too.

What’s best is what works for you!


Hi WebMistress

I think it can be a minefield of information out there - and especially on the internet and in any kind of forum or support group - and with something like Orthorexia, I think it would be important to have appropriate support from a Registered Dietician - as like Cooper27 says, anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist after a relatively short course.

We are a peer group here - so I would just say that exercising caution about any suggestions is important. I have experienced myself how hearing different people comment on food and whether it's 'good' or 'bad' etc, it can play with your mind, and cause difficulties. So I would exercise caution.

I would suggest having a look around the forum and seeing what you think - as I know you've read a lot of information and been researching things, but please do seek support if you think you've got orthorexia, as I think forums could potentially add to the issue - as you can't rely on suggestions. This is just my personal view here - and I hope it's helpful.

I hope you have a lovely weekend - it's nearly here. I'm happy you've joined the forum, and hope that you enjoy being here and interacting with everyone. I don't mean to sound negative in anyway about what I've said, I just think exercising caution is sensible.

Zest :-)

WebMistressIF Star in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest! 🌸🌹🌺

True... Plus everyone is biased as to which course of action is best. I listen and consider every action-plan, believe me. I love hearing about people's success stories, very much. I'm avoiding all processed foods, all sugars (except berries now) and breads, rice, starchy vegetables (all that grow underground) and focusing my diet on foods that don't spike my blood sugars. So far in just two weeks I've seen quite an improvement in my skin, my waistline, my weight, and in the way that I feel. I can easily avoid sugar now. I will be seeing a dietician soon!

ZestStar in reply to WebMistress

That's great, I'm glad things are working out for you, and wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. :-)

Zest :-)

Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to WebMistress

Hi WebMistress I agree with all Zest says above, if you might have an eating disorder best to see a professional and avoid any extreme food choices without their guidance . However your post above sounds like you are starting off sensibly, I’m also prediabetic and your food choices sound very similar to mine though I have recently added back a few pulses as my fibre was too low with the result things weren’t “moving” as they should! Good luck 😀

WebMistressIF Star in reply to Fran182716

Hi Fran! Thanks for the comment. I read all the comments, I just don't respond to all the comments (since I am at work and get distracted) but having read your comment and giggling I had to stop and ask how you got things moving! Haha. I haven't had any problems, but I love to eat broccoli and cauliflower and nuts, so I think that's why my body is okay. I just bought kale and tonight I'm planning to make a kale salad with lemon juice, olive oil, and pine nuts. That way I can have some salad to take to work tomorrow. When I used to go out to eat a lot I always had problems with getting things a'movin' haha but now... since I cut out all the breads and carbs and sugars, I am eating the right foods to help!

Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to WebMistress

Sounds like you get plenty of fibre from veg so you should be fine! I have a mild form of IBS and can only tolerate small portions of things like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc. And can’t eat them every day. Chickpeas and lentils are sorting out the problem!

Like I said, what ever works for you, I do a 30 hr fast every week but this week I did a 60hr, I’ve even done a week, it really makes you appreciate food & gives you a sense of achievement, I’m not telling anyone to go out & do it because you can come a cropper as we say in the uk lol like I did second time I did a 3 day on nothing but water, got out of a chair too quick & hit the deck, learning curve!

WebMistressIF Star in reply to Nugger

I love intermittent fasting so much. I was doing 24 hour fasts before but was still eating the same way as always and yeah, I lost weight but my pre-diabetes was sticking around still so now I am going to be looking at intermittent fasting, but then watching everything I eat so that I don't spike my blood sugars anymore. The longest fast I have ever done was 11 days. It was the BEST I ever felt in my life. The second longest fast I ever did was 7 days... and then since those two most are 2-3 day fasts at max now with the norm being 18-26 hour fasts. Currently right now I am not fasting, but learning to eat properly, removed all fast food, removed all breads, all carbs from wheat, and rice, and all packaged foods and all sugars that are not naturally occurring in foods like fruit, veg, dairy, etc.

My goal is to eat smaller meals, so I take in less calories, but have them consist of things like: Vegetables (grown above ground), olive oil, coconut oil, fish, nuts, berries, water, cheeses, chicken, eggs, beans, some seeds, and quinoa.

And really focus on those types of foods most of all and learn how to snack right, as well as increasing physical activity.

Once I feel like I can do this, I will go back to intermittent fasting. Nothing worse than coming off of a fast and wanting to give in to a donut, haha. I don't want to worry that I would ever do that. So learning how to eat is priority for me.

Nugger in reply to WebMistress

Wow, 11 days, that’s impressive, yes it’s a good tool to have, I’ve normally been in the 170s & was drifting towards the 200 mark & that’s when I used fasting to kick start my body into shedding some weight, lost 10 pounds with the 7 day fast.

As a friend of mine said that was over weight, it was a problem with his feet causing him to be over weight!

Couldn’t keep them away from the fridge lol

WebMistressIF Star in reply to Nugger

Hahaha! I love that! Blamed his feet! Oh my, well... I could blame my feet too. My feet have been refusing to run the past few years, they're on strike until I lose weight. LOL


Your post has created huge interest!

WebMistressIF Star in reply to Praveen55

I learned something new in posting.... I never knew about orthorexia. But since posting this now I know, and I will be very aware of my habits and pay attention. It was terrible over-worrying about not getting enough nutrients, but I have since learned so much about nutrition that I no longer stress over it. I used to eat all the wrong foods, it was no wonder I was going over on carbs and salts and never getting the nutrition I needed. I eat so differently now, and I feel so much better. Every day getting better with my eating. Every day learning something new when it comes to foods. 🌺 Thank you for your posts Praveen55.

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