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Happy New Year to all our members 🎆

We thought it might be helpful to set up a little chat space for people to discuss their healthy eating goals this new year.

I've set myself a goal to be better organised with my meals, and to cook more from scratch again. I'm in the perpetual cycle of eating less healthily because I'm tired, but feeling tired because I'm eating less healthily 😔

So tell me a bit about your goals for this year, and how you're getting on with them so far?

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Happy New Year to you, too, Cooper27. :-) This is a great idea-- talk/list our New Year's goals.

My New Year's goals are:

Eat more vegetables/fruits

Get more exercise-- even when I feel like I need to take a day off

Try new and healthy foods that I'm allowed to eat

Drink more water with each meal

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Activity2004

I need to do all these too 😆

How are you getting on so far?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cooper27

I had a few glasses of water today before and during some meals, rode my stationary bike this afternoon, planning to have a big salad for dinner tonight, but the new healthy foods need to wait since we didn't get anything that we haven't had before when we went shopping last Thursday morning. Other than that, I think doing okay with the resolutions/listed items. :-)

Great idea Cooper27, talking about your healthy eating ideas will help you stay on track, and talking about where you feel your going wrong will also be beneficial. I myself have been very busy cleaning the house.. cleaning involves lots of exercises and ofcourse the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your labour. and enjoying a healthy lunch of steak with salad. Will probably have a little nap while all the nutritionists do their work 😊

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Happyman4

That's a good idea! I need to work on my step count, so I've been chopping veg further from the hob and cleaning while dinner cooked today :)

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Such a helpful idea Cooper27. This is the time of year when we tend to be at our most determined, starting out with new resolutions, but they can quickly dissipate without the encouragement of others. So this should be a great help!

Hello Cooper27,

I will get back to good habits i.e. cook a recipe from the Fast 800 red book to have for lunch over two days as the recipe is for two portions.

Exercise most days.

Good luck all.

sounds like a good plan :) actually, thinking about it, I used to enjoy having a couple of fast days per week, it would be good for me to start doing that again too

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to DebbieFleming

What recipes are you planning?

I've made pesto lentils for lunch tomorrow and Wednesday.

I've started to make frittata muffins by putting chopped onions, chopped tomato and chopped ham topped with a small chunk of feta cheese (well, crumbly Lancashire, but still) in muffin cases. Tomorrow I will pour over six eggs beaten with salt and pepper into each individual muffin case and bake for 30 minutes until brown and a little risen.

I will eat two of them hot for breakfast. The others I will leave to cool and my husband could have a couple of them with his lunch.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to DebbieFleming

They sound lovely :)

Are you following the Fast800 plan for a while, or intermittently?

I'm using the Fast800 'red' book (because the lettering on the front of the book is red) for recipes. I will continue to use this. I'm planning to have around 1500 low carb calories today.

I've done 1500 steps on an errand this morning before work, I work from home presently. I will walk another errand this evening after work.

I will fast intermittently on a 5:2 basis once I get back into the swing of things. Eight hundred calorie days are hard !

Happy New Year Cooper27 and everyone :) My healthy goals:

Eat more veg

Cut back on sugar which has been creeping back up in my diet recently

Eat wholefoods

Drink more water

Plan properly so I don't just grab something (probably something unhealthy)

Move more.

Admittedly not made much of a start as not done the first shop of the year yet. However, I have joined a 30 yoga challenge to get me started on moving more :)

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to sunny369

This looks like a great list - good luck :)

What is your 30 yoga challenge?

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sunny369 in reply to Cooper27

Yoga with Adriene - Move - a Thirty Day Yoga Journey on You Tube. It is the first time I have tried Yoga and honestly I found the first day a bit of a challenge but I am determined to keep at it :)

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to sunny369

I'll check that out - thanks for mentioning it!

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I've been batch cooking today to help out my sister after an op, and made a little extra for myself while I was at it. Would you believe this is enough for 18 dinners?

You'll have to excuse the grubby fridge - I had dirty carrots for Christmas and only just spotted the soil as I posted ☺️

Photo of food containers in a fridge
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How is everyone getting on with their January goals?

I ran out of my pre-cooked meals but I'm still doing quite well with home cooked dinners :) I had to resort to sandwiches for a site visit on Monday though 😮

It's a beef casserole for dinner tonight :)

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