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Healthy eating and exercise this weeks stats πŸ₯•πŸŒ

Hi everyone,

I've been recording miles walked this year as I've been exploring the forest and want to walk more as its a load bearing exercise, I only wear my watch when I'm out so walk more than this. Today has been a beautiful day and this afternoon I got lost in the forest which seems to be my latest hobby...

And here's my stats for this weeks recorded walks:

Wed 2nd 9177 steps 4.56 miles, Thurs 9484 steps 4.6miles Fri 11425 steps 5.49 milesSat 10804 steps 5.32 miles Sun 15034 steps 7.4 miles Mon 10721 steps 5.25 miles Tues 16503 7.85 miles My hear beats averages from 60>120+ 70> 130+ as I like walking uphill fast sometimes Av steps 11878 per day.

The photo is of some fruit and veg I bought earlier this week, I made a leek and made a veggie soup with:πŸ₯¦πŸ₯•

This is where I was earlier:🌲

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HI Jerry

Wow, those are great stats, and I am also admiring your wonderful array of colourful vegetables. They look GREAT. I bet the resulting soup was very tasty.

Zest :-)


Thanks Zest as I know that your stats are great, I thought the soup looked a bit like pond water LO... but I enjoyed it. 😊

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I love it when people use HU to report on the good things they're doing for themselves. I walk because it helps my Parkinson's. I often fast-walk to get my heart rate up, but sometimes it's nice just to walk in nature. I've seen you around (not on my walks!) My first name is also Jerry (well, Jerome, but I'm no saint).

Jerry 2

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Thank you Jerome, I'm sorry that you have Parkinson's and am glad that you benefit from walking, so keep it up.

I love walking and walk for lots of reasons mostly because I enjoy it. I've just been for a brisk walk up the hill I can see the lights of the city across the valley and the constellations really well on a clear crisp night. Plus I walked 2.25 miles into the bargain. 😊


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