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continuous itching in both ears

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Hi, I remember n my mother scratching the irritation in her ears as she lay ill with kidney failure. I have had this irritation for a very long time . My doctor quickly said "dry skin olive oil" but to no avail, I regularly wake up with cuts around the ear after scratching in my sleep. I know this sounds minimal but it is so annoying. I have tried all sorts of sprays and creams but without success. Any ideas?

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Hi ragtagandbobtail

I think you had a different name, when I last welcomed you to the Healthy eating forum, but I like your new name - and I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing that irritation - and I am sorry to hear about your mother's experience too.

I don't have any specific ideas, except that maybe you could wear some protective soft gloves whilst you sleep - so that you could minimise the damage from your urge to scratch - until you can find a solution to your issue. At least then you'd be minimising any potential damage to your skin.

I hope you are able to find a solution.

Zest :-)

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HI again,

I am just popping back with an article from NHS Choices about 'Itchy skin' - I realise you have itchy ears, but there might be something in the article which is of help to you, so maybe have a read through and see what you think:

Zest :-)

Given this forum is about healthy eating, when inflammation happens in the body symptoms tend to happen in the weakest part of a particular person's body. Perhaps one weak spot in yours is your ears! If that is the case then perhaps altering your diet might help.

Just to add substance to this from my own personal experience, for most of my adult life I used to have a very red nose and now it is normal. Also I used to have teeth that bled at the gums, now while not perfect they bleed only rarely.

So I would say, consider yourself lucky. This could be an early warning for you to check your dietary habits and look to making permanent improvements.

Thank you I will give it a try.

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