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Lifestyle change and bye to pain Carpal Tunnel surgery not needed!

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Hello and happy New Year’s Eve everyone. I just wanted to share a bit of my story to encourage you for 2019, and counting. I’ve experienced being treated for diabetes and was told I may have to be on insulin for the rest of my life. I also have been treated for early signs of arthritis in my knees, ankles, and feet and would be on pain meds the rest of my life. I went to the ER in October of 2016 due to extreme numbness and burning pain in my hands and finger tips that woke me up at 3am and after several doctor visits and seeing a neurologist it was determined I had a severe case of Carpal Tunnel syndrome and I was scheduled for surgery March of 2017. After having 3 beautiful children in normal pregnancies, with no medications just all natural births, having been active in track, I worked out at the gym 4 times a week, and a cheerleader in HS and in college, after being in a family growing up on what I thought was “good for me” eating like venison, fish, chicken, turkey bacon, eggs, turkey ground beef hamburgers, rice, beans, mashed potatoes, salads, fruits, and the occasional sweets, I was so upset to be getting worse in health and all I was given was pill after pill to TREAT MY SYMPTONS but NEVER THE CAUSE. In each case I asked each time “Is it something I’m eating? Is there something I can start to eat to help me? Should I drink more water? Should I switch to a raw foods diet? Eat more fish? Etc...” And all I was ever told is lose a few pounds, be more active, avoid soda, don’t eat to much red meat, stay out of the sun, take it easy, take your medications and see you in 2 months for a follow up”. Pretty basic info, but I was getting WORSE not better. I knew the pain and ailments could be treated with what I put in my mouth more than anything external, I knew my “insides” my “organs” needed health help and it was gonna take sacrifice and dedication and a change of mind to TREAT MY CAUSES that were over the last 15 years. I was headed into my 50’s but felt like I already needed a walker yet my youngest child was 13 and heading into high school. What if she wants to do cheerleading? In my condition, I won’t be able to attend many games. What if she chooses the water polo team? No way I could go up and down the bleachers to watch her meets. My oldest daughter was getting married and my son was headed for his masters. My body was retrieving and I was getting depressed. So I MADE UP MY MIND that I was going to do the research, watch documentaries, and stop relying on everyone else and just TRY, I must TRY for the sake of being around longer for my kids. Oh did I tell you? I was also put on high blood pressure medication due to the stress my knees and carpal tunnel were causing...OR were they? What was truly the CAUSE? FOOD...yes FOOD. Fried, sugared, salted, heavy, lack of fiber, lack of vitamins, over cooked, oily, not easily digestible, not sustainable energy foods, eating for pleasure rather then what was GOOD FOR ME. I ate by site, smell, and taste. I knew it wasn’t good for me, but I still ate it thinking “oh I’ll just go to the gym, or go walk it off” while not realizing THE EFFECTS, THE TOLL my body was taking on the inside, my organs, my heart, my veins, my arteries, my cells, my bones, my muscles, just everything! So on August 13, 2017 at the anniversary of my mother’s birthday, and watching documentaries and determined to be well in 2018, I decided to try the vegan/plant based LIFESTYLE. Not diet, LIFESTYLE. I decided what harm could plant foods do to me, because my current way of eating was surely not curing me. You see, sadly, mother passed away at age 68 from Alzheimer’s, my father a hunter and fisherman suffered cardiac arrest at age 75 WHILE DOING WHAT HE LOVED IN THE OUTDOORS - fishing at the lake, and my only brother suffered sudden cardiac death this year at age 57 after a harsh sneeze. They all had health problems and took heavy medications and kept the same way of eating for years. It was our family FOOD STORY and I knew I needed to start a new one for me and my kids. I tried veganism for 90 days last year, August 13 thru November 13 and ALL MY PAIN diminished!!!! My skin was glowing, my ACHES AND PAIN were gone, I slept uninterrupted by pain, I rested, my focus was better, my taste buds changed and desired vegetables and fruits and dishes I’ve never even tried before!!!!! I learned about the scientific studies and research done for ALL THAT I WAS FEELING and I wanted to LIVE and FEEL HEALTHY and KNOW MY ORGANS WERE SAYING “Thank you!”. I remember praying the night of August 12th in agony, in distress and I missed my mom, my dad and I just wanted to LIVE again, but NOT off of pills like they did. Well folks, my 90 days continued and I’m I made it past 8/13/18 of this year and I never got the surgery for carpal tunnel because it was all inflammatory and plant foods fight inflammation whoo hoo! ITS NOT HARD WHEN YOU FEEL GREAT to stay on the path because you just won’t ever want to FEEL SO UNHEALTHY & HELPLESS AGAIN! I left all meats, all dairy (watch out for the hidden ones in dressings and baked goods, etc...), all flesh milks, all eggs, all cold cuts, yes no deli meats, BUT I STILL ENJOY pizza, lasagna, burritos, casseroles, French fries, rice, beans, salsa, dressings, salads, soups, burgers, pasta salad, toast, mashed potatoes, chow mein, spring rolls, stir fry, spaghetti, wraps, pancakes and SO MUCH MORE! I’ve learned to veganize every meal at home or out with friends! I have more fun eating THAN EVER BEFORE and lots of it because I am eating FOODS THAT LOVE ME BACK! Don’t give up! Use plant food to restore your health! Did you know PLANTS FOODS ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE DISEASE FIGHTING COMPOUNDS??? Not flesh meat, not dairy, nope, ONLY plant foods! So go do it, go ingest a COLORFUL plate instead of a BEIGE colored plate. Oh by the way, I lost 51 lbs and counting (plant foods eat fat) and I run and dance and hop and skip with the kids at church...and I know I will with any future grand kids. I’m 53 now and I feel 35 again!!!

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Hi Vegan53andcounting

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. I am glad you're feeling good, and that your eating choices are working for you.

I hope you'll enjoy participating in the Healthy eating forum, and do have a look around our various Topics and Pinned posts.

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year for 2019.

Zest :-)

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