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Diet and lifestyle change

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Hi all and thanks for reading.

Due to health reasons and struggles with my weight i have recently been taking a look at my diet and have decided i am going to become a vegetarian. I have started cutting back on meat and would like to cut it out completely.

However, i am finding that i am still quite hungry after a dinner i would usually have meat with. Could someone give me some advice on the best things to eat and possibly put a few recipes my way?

6 Replies
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HI Idenny32,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. I know that you're considering a Vegetarian eating plan, and that you're already in the process of cutting back on meat and that you'd like to cut it out completely.

Here is a link to the page in NHS Choices about Vegetarian foods etc, which I hope you'll find a helpful start:

If you look in the Topics section there are some posts on Healthy Recipes.

Wishing you a great week, and maybe post any recipes that you try that you find particularly delicious and healthy.

Zest :-)

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Hi. I am new on here myself. I funnily enough have come away from being a Vegetarian I still use Tesco Vege Mince & Lind Mac sausages. But quorn no way. It might Just be me but I was ill after eating it for years so staying away. Over the Christmas period I sadly lost my dear Mum after her long fight with Alzheimer's. I decided now I'm not running back & forth I need to sort out my weight plus being on Meds Antidepressants I think I have gained 1/2 stone. I am only eating Chicken & Turkey both cooked and raw cooking myself. buying all low fat. If you have any vege questions or food ideas I can help a bit maybe. Karen

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Thanks Dottie, is there any difference with the different types of beans or lentils?

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Thanks for all the replies everyone.

I found this when i was researching recipe ideas, it takes ingredients and breaks them down to their nutritional value, culinary uses, medicinal uses etc! I have found it really helpful.

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Hi Idenny32,

I'm Happy to know that you are going to be vegetarian. But hungriness is your problem, I suggest to drink more water before you going to take your dinner. This will really help you to overcome your hungriness. And you should also eat some fat enriched diet in your daily routine.

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As dottie says increasing beans and lentils has to be a good thing. You will see many people on this forum, myself included, advocating removal of processed foods. I think any processed foods will distort your taste buds such that you will eat foods that give you gratification in the short term but soon after you will find yourself hungry again, this time for real nutrition that your body did not get in the first place.

I would go on to advocate more starchy foods since this is exactly what the body craves. A whole food plant based diet is the ideal, imo, since that is crammed full of starches and has no processed foods. If you then migrate towards a low-oil version you can eat as much as you like and if overweight, your body will lose weight naturally and easily, despite how much you eat.

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