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Stir fry in peanut butter sauce with sweet potatoes and new potatoes, this is one of my favourite meals...😊

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Hi everyone,

Recently we had a post 'my favourite meal' and what a great sentiment, so I've created a 'favourite meals' topic for everyones favourite meals, notice the meals plural...

I tend to buy the veggies that look nicest when I go shopping and this has curly kale, spinach white onions red and yellow bell peppers hot chillis chestnut mushrooms with half a jar of smooth peanut butter with a tin of plum tomatoes plus coriander cumin ginger turmeric with black pepper and a little tamari (gluten free soy sauce)

And I had it with 2 of my other favourites, new potatoes and sweet potatoes and I enjoyed it.

If anyone else has a favourite meal or 2 or 3 then please post them on this topic.

And I hope you enjoy your evening. 😊

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Hi Jerry

I really like the idea of having 'Favourite Meals' as a Topic - and I can see why you like that delicious meal you've depicted there. It looks absolutely scrumptious! You have some great veggies there - and I like your recipe for the Peanut Butter Sauce. Yum!

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest, being a food voyeur you have some favourites yourself no doubt...😊


I have used peanut butter sauce of my own making with stir fry it is so good. Great dish you have there!

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Thanks ALifetimeOfRecovery and I agree its great in sauces.😊


I always try to use peanut sauce for certain meals (Thai food).

This looks fantastic! :-) How long did it take to cook/prepare?


Thank you Leah, I only had to peel the sweet potatoes and wash and chop the other veg so I'd say about 40 mins all in and I just wait while its cooking, so its an easy meal in my book. 😊

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