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Spicy stir fry with new potatoes mashed sweet potatoes and carrots. πŸ₯•

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Hi everyone,

Tonight I had a stir fry with hot chilli and spices as chilli helps cool us down and I really like spicy food LOL.

I gently cooked white onion, hot chilli, garlic with spices and curly kale, I cooked new potatoes and carrots with sweet potatoes which I mashed and I cooked rings of sweet peppers with baby chestnut mushrooms to top the stir fry with.

I hope that everyones enjoying this heat wave and its worth thinking about putting some water out for our garden birds as it must be hard for them. 😊

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Hi Jerry

Wow, what a lovely colourful plate of delicious food you have there! It looks really great.

I'm sure your Garden Birds will appreciate some water. It is definitely incredibly hot out there!

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest 😊

I like the look of that especially the curly kale. I love spicy food too 🌢.

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Thanks Ali, I love stir fried curly kale and with chilli and spices...mmm...😊

Looks delicious Jerry 😊

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Thank you Veeee. 😊

this looks very bright and tasty Jerry lots of lovely vegetables that are all good for you. i was wondering what the red thing with the black circle was and its a poppy. i really look at the pics people put up and i even counted your potatoes. there are 8. its those pics are like picture puzzles. lol. silly me. love grace xoxo

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Thank you Grace, you're very observant, 8 potatoes sounds a lot but they are tiny Cornish new potatoes.

I love the photo's others post too.😊

oh yes Jerry they are very small potatoes. I dont eat them now as they make me crave sweets but i loved potatoes and ate huge amounts with the skin on,. im sure you enjoy your food as you seem to be a very good cook too.

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