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Supper Experiment


Slow cooked spiced belly pork with apple cider sauce with spiced red cabbage made with shredded cabbage, apple and red onion and spiced with cinnamon quill, all-spice berries, cloves, star anise, and mace with red wine vinegar - all in a sweet potato seeded wrap. Delicious and one to repeat I think.

Meant to take a photo but went down faster than I could find my camera so this is all that was left.... the bundle at the top of the pic is Muslim bag with the spices in. Red cabbage is the cheapest and most nutrient dense ingredient you can buy - powerful anti-inflammatory and anti ageing and great for sugar dysregulation. It contains a chemical called anthocyanin which has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease.

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This looks very purple and a smashing healthy and hearty meal...😊

in reply to Jerry

It certainly was and very inexpensive.


Hi CDreamer

Your meal looks really great, and full of nutrition and flavour. Such a vibrant colour. Lovely.

Zest :-)

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