Baked bubble and squeak with grated sweet potatoes,

Baked bubble and squeak with grated sweet potatoes,

Hello everyone, here's a picture of some bubble and squeak that I made and here's the recipe:

6 small White potatoes, large sweet potato, 1/2 cabbage, 2 red onions, 1 leek, 1 yellow pepper, garlic, coriander and cumin.

Gently fry the onions, garlic and pepper in a little olive oil and add a little coriander and cumin. Then add to the cooked veg, mix well and then grate a large sweet potato on top followed by grated white potato for added crunch and bake 150C approx 45 mins.

I do like crunchy potatoes and I had this with baked chicken breasts coated in turmeric with gravy...

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  • Wow, Jerry, that looks really delicious. I really like your recipe.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Zest, and thank you as you post some amazing recipes and pictures. I'm going to be looking out for labneh since you mentioned it.

  • Hi Jerry,

    Regarding Lebneh - I did a bit of research on the internet and found that strictly speaking it is 'strained yoghurt' which is why in the end, I decided to opt for a good quality Greek yoghurt, and I just mixed in the juice of some lemon and also some olive oil, and that was really delicious - but there are 'recipes' for lebneh which vary in what is added.

    Also, there was a Lebneh product available - again, you could look at that online, but I didn't see any of it in the supermarket when I looked yesterday.

    You're very kind about my posts - and I similarly appreciate yours!

    Zest :-)

  • Jerry

    Your recipe sounds great but sorry to tell you that potatoes are not for us, the D people. And that too in the quantity you mentioned. No.

  • It looks really lot lovely but I'm Keto and we can't have potatoes or sweet potatoes (carbs). Must say, I miss them! However it is working so it's worth it. 😋

  • Hi LeeRa, being a coeliac I miss lots of food and have learnt to look at what I can eat and you've hit the nail on the head, in that you feel better so good for you. I have a Keto recipe using coconut flour so I'll share that for you low carbers and its gluten free...

  • Can't wait!!

  • 👍

  • Hi suramo, who are the D people? And I should have put that they were only small potatoes and the portion shown was around 1/5 and you could use sweet potatoes. Bubble and squeak was a traditional mid week meal using left over veg with mashed potatoes and fried to make it tasty.

    My recipes are all suitable for coeliac and naturally gluten free and as so many people are interested in paleo , fod map and gluten free it's nice for me to post on here.

  • Jerry,

    I will send you a private message soon. I will let you know when I have sent it. It’s okay.

  • Jerry,

    Please check your private message on HU. I have sent it now.

  • Hi Activity, I guessed that D people meant either diabetic or dieter and I have to point out that as a diagnosed coeliac I understand the psychological impact that a medically restricted diet has on 'us'. I've written blogs on it headed 'why me it's not fair' So I get it and I have empathy with all other coeliac and as diabetes is often linked to CD I feel an affinity with diabetic's.

    In fairness I can be Blaise and I smiled when I read the reply from suramo as they made an honest comment that they cannot eat potatoes in large quantities and I could have used baking size potatoes.

    And now I know who the D people are and I've just bought some coconut flour so will be posting a grain free recipe soon...

  • Sounds great, Jerry!😀

  • Maybe new potatoes would work?

  • Hi LeeRa, I'd substitute other root veg like turnips, carrots and parsnip, parsnips are amazing roasted so mashed and fried with cabbage and onions should work a treat...

  • B&S was cooked in our house with leftover potato & cabbage from Saturday's evening meal. I didn't know I liked cabbage until I was about 30, when I had it in a salad then properly cooked & not over boiled & oversalted. My elder folks used to put a tablespoon of salt in everything!

    I don't think Suramo realises this isn't a diabetes forum, & that potatoes are fine for people who aren't diabetic or in danger of becoming so.

    LeeRa might be interested in looking up resistant starch. I'm trying to find out how much more I can get away with eating this way as I have an issue with too much starchy food. I've found that if I pad potatoey meals out with >75% other veg, & some protein that works for me. I might experiment with chick peas in this, & a sprinkle of cheddar. :)

  • I SO like this idea BadHare. I am waiting with interest for your new recipe. I love this kind of winter/comfort food so much and miss it in my keto diet. I want to thank you for trying to find a way for us to enjoy these things.

  • Potatoes become resistent starch if cooled & left overnight. Pasta is the same, & also rice & pulses. I've no idea about the percentage of starch that becomes unavailable after cooling, or what the minimum time to change he starch structure to inedible, probiotic food. Michael Mosley's telly programme showed it reduced insulin spikes in pasta, but I can't find a clip of the programme. Here's a few things I'll post on the forum for more information:

    Some info with a video:

    I understand the benefits of a ketogenic diet from Chris Kresser's website, but it's not so do-able for me as I don't eat meat. As much as I love cheese, I couldn't eat this predominantly!

  • Nom! Bubble & squeak gone posh! ;)

    This is even better than the potato recipe we were discussing a few weeks ago. I don;t usually use sweet potatoes in anything but soup so I'll have to get one.

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