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I feel like i'll never get better.


I've had the cold for the past few days and unlike most people a simple cold has wreaked havoc on my body and made my usual symptoms worse. I look pale, huge dark circles under my eyes and fatigue. Along with all my usual symptoms flaring up. I feel like there's so many different things wrong with me that i will never get better and can only hope to slightly improve my symptoms even if i do get somewhat of an answer. I'm not going to give up but i'm honestly at my wits end.

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I'm a guy and i have been to the doctors. I'm waiting on test results but i'm still feeling like it will never get fully better for me. What's the bets they come back normal and i'm stuck in the dark again.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to healthiskey

Give it time. The doctor will have the results for you soon. If there’s something, it’s going to be picked up.

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