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Feel worse when i eat?

My symptoms seem to be much worse whenever i eat. I went most of the day yesterday without eating and felt great until i ate in the evening and then things gradually got worse. And this morning i had a kale and blueberry smoothie and turkey and sweet potatoes, all foods that usually don't call allergies with people and about an hour later my eyes got stingy, face bloated and washed up looking, irritable, anxiety etc. It's hard for me to tell at the moment what the cause is since i also have seasonal allergies playing a role as well. I looked at the link someone sent me about oral allergy syndrome and i think i could have that. Anyone got any answers?

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Unfortunately it’s possible to get problems with almost any food if you already have allergies. You may be able to get tested to identify triggers using a pin prick test.

The advice I was given was to avoid things like smoothies and to cook any foods that I thought might be giving me problems.



Have you tried the foods on their own so you can decide what to not eat?


The only way to definitively find out if some food or other is causing a reaction is to eliminate foods. Simplify, simplify, retry, retry. At the same time you need to make sure your nutrition maxes out, so look to eliminate foods that are common causes of reactions first and research how to replace them nutritionally. For instance you could eliminate the turkey and replace it with something like quinoa that has been shown to tolerant by most people.

Learn to be really honest with yourself about what goes into your foods. I am not trying to call you out here, just I know that in my own journey I have had to be harsh about what is actually in my cupboards. For instance I have recently decided to avoid soy sauce after a reaction caused by a few drops at the end of a bottle.

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If healthisthekey does have oral allergy syndrome, this will be a reaction to the body confusing the proteins in plants with pollen. The reaction will get worse with each exposure, so any retrying would have to be done with extreme caution.

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Do people get tested on these? Do your GPs show sympathy and refer you to a specialist?

I might re-try with my GP if they would be willing to consider a referral. It's bound to be a very long process. I had a very unsympathetic GP (in retrospect). But I did have a couple of blood tests done at the local GI clinic, no allergy tests.


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