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Hello Tshirt here again. I can't say that I have started to eat much healthier yet, but I am starting by watching my portion size. It helps that the weather has been good enough to do some gardening, bending up and down. I have not attempted to fill in the "form" yet because my age, diabilities, food problems and lifestyle make it impossible to follow advice. My diet has been refined over 20 +years so I will be a slow starter just reading the contributions and trying things where I think I can benefit. Cheers Tshirt

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Hi Tshirt

It's great that you've joined the Healthy eating forum, and wishing you a very warm Welcome. Hopefully you'll enjoy participating here and there are lots of posts to read and the members here are very encouraging and friendly.

Wishing you an excellent week and hope you're having a great day.

Zest :-)

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