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My food today

I started early this morning with a bowl of my usual water-based salt-free porridge. As a treat I added some chopped figs. Lunch was yesterday's leftover carrot & kale curry with brown rice.

Tonight I am in Cheltenham to see Pressure at the Everyman Theatre and will have a yummy cheese&tomato oil-free free pizza at Pizza Express, topped with mushrooms, rocket, olives, spinach or something like that. My wife likes her fiorentina pizza which of course has cheese & eggs & tomato. She asks me, isn't your pizza dry? The answer is no. I know this may sound surprising, but it is actually a very moist pizza.

Also I have some friends round for dinner tomorrow so I have prepared an icecream of 10 frozen bananas, mazafati dates & cacao powder and a dash of almond milk to help with the whizzing. This will be served with a raspberry coulis.

In my opinion, if you haven't had mazafati dates you haven't lived. They're not cheap, but they have a depth of taste that is quite awesome.

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Hi Andy, I really like the sound of your ice cream with the mazafati enjoy and enjoy your evening out.

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I didn't know PE does a vegan pizza, poss. made of stone ground 80%-100% ancient grains (?). The pizza base may contain some type of emulsifiers, be it soya lecithin or olive oil to bind the flour together before rolling it out. But it's a weekend treat after all. You cannot live like a Yogi 24/7. ;-) Enjoy, andy.

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Yes, it is dangerous for me whenever I eat out. But providing I do it once in a while and implement strategies to ameliorate any risks then I can enjoy going out. Three times the waitress asked me don't you at least want olive oil drizzled on your pizza? Three times the answer came back, no.

Sadly we got the order for a side salad wrong. Forgot to mention, "no dressing." My wife ate it and I did not. Neither of us likes dressing on our salad. We both think of dressing as how to ruin a good salad. A good salad has so much crunchiness, so much variety of textures, colours, tastes.

For tonight's dinner we will be providing home-grown salad from our local organic shop. This is a total delight of a salad and it will have pride of place on the table in a very large bowl.


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