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My Gluten free breakfast ☕️

My Gluten free breakfast ☕️

Hi folks,

Here's what I had for breakfast today, poached eggs are a favourite of mine and I love tomatoes but baby ones and plum ones until Zest posted one of her lovely meals with baked large vine tomatoes, I thought I've got to have some of that...and this morning I had a baked tomato with poached egg and on home made gf bread, made with quinoa flour and chia seeds added. I'm now a convert and love baked tomatoes...

And I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and has a good week.

Jerry 😊

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Hi Jerry,

Mmmm, your breakfast looks lovely. I love poached eggs - my favourite way to have an egg too. As you know, and have mentioned, I also love tomatoes! Those vine tomatoes - such amazing flavour particularly when baked, not to mention releasing the lycopene. :-) Glad you enjoyed it. :-) Your bread looks especially tasty.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest, I didn't know about the lycopene either so a double bonus and it shows that we can improve/expand our diets all the time. 😊

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