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Fighting type 2 diabetes

Just joined this group, I am 57 years old type 2 diabetic.. I am a believer in the possibility of healing from diabetes, but so far unsuccessful in achieving a tangible result. Although I tried all possible combinations of medications, diets, and exercise. I lost weight as much as 30 kgs. and came from 93kg to as low as 65, in vain. However, I never gave up, and will continue my quest to the end. My latest thoughts on this subject is in the context of dietary lines. I came to believe that diabetes is an over_storage of intra_organ lipids due to the fact of changing eating habits from our ancestors. We evolved to eat in conformity with our environment for thousands of years. Every season offered us a specific group of foods and less of the others. In Spring, we are offered many variations of vegetables, herbs, and weeds. Man ate plenty of these foods without any limitation on quantity due to the abundance of such foods. He also allowed his domesticated animals to feed and breed in this season, but excluded them from his meals for the availability of a wider range of alternatives, and to save them for the soon coming summer and fall seasons. During Spring, man not only met his dietary needs, but also saved the surplus as fat in his belly, so did his animals. When Spring ended, and its category of food depleted, Man started relying on what's available; that is the fat in the belly, milk from milking animals, and meat from slaughtering old animals. But man didn't eat meat the same greed as he ate in Spring, because he knew that summer and fall were very long months, and he had to economize on his assets. It is obvious that people turned to LCLF DIET (low carbs low fat) together with their inert stored belly fat and whatever stored grains they kept, that must have gotten them through to the end of the summer season. By the arrival of the Fall season, some fruits will have ripened and would have substituted for the rapidly depleting belly fat, domesticated old animals, and belly fat. But when Winter finally arrived, and movement was extremely restricted, people stock to their dwellings eating as little as possible, mainly meat, eggs, and milk until Spring arrived and the eating cycle is resumed. It is in this time all animals start breeding due the abundance of food, the energy it provides, and the strong blood flow and circulation made possible by the lack of lipids within the arteries of animals after a lengthy time of semi fasting.

It is therefore my belief that modern man, with the availability of all sorts of foods all round the year, has destroyed the cycle of Supply & Demand that our human body has gotten used to for hundreds of years, and deprived the body from the periods of time it needs to reset itself.

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Hi Waleedarda,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating community, and I hope you'll enjoy participating here.

Zest :-)


Many thanks, zest

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I am not sure what you are trying to get over in this post that will help your type 2 Diabetes.

We altered our diet dramatically when we stopped being hunter gatherers and became farmers. Farmers are not so in tune with nature as hunter gatherers.

Herbalists pick their herbs at certain times of years because of their potency.

Is it surprising that winter is a time when you want stews with root vegetables? Yet summer it feels better to have salads and lighter foods. Some have a warming effect and others a cooling effect. The foods we eat these days have been bred over centuries. The soil that our food is in is not as nutrient rich as it use to be 100 years ago (UK government figures). So if you are having trouble with BS, have you considered that you may need more chromium? I have posted a link healthunlocked.com/diabetes... from HealthUnlocked but if you have not looked into Chromium before then it might be worth investigating.

BTW, losing 30Kg in weight is not in vain but to be applauded. Keep searching and you will find the answer.


My core message was to pinpoint continuous excessive eating of carbs as the culprit behind diabetes, and that is due to the uncommon abundance of processed food in our current industrial age. It is true that we as human beings shifted from our "appropriate" food when we stopped being hunter gatherers, however the rise in modern age illnesses started only in the last 50 to 100 years with obvious links to a modern cause. Returning to hunter gatherers diet could be the way to go to achieve better health, but any diet to treat an existing illness associated with fat accumulation should be a calorie restrictive one, and in my post I suggested equal deficits in both fat and carbs as the best and most tolerable diet to achieving that in my opinion. This conforms with the findings of the Newcastle clinical trials on reversing diabetes.


Thanks for clarifying your post.


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