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Healthy Eating
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Living a healthier life style

I'm aged now nearly 68 and I suppose I've got into some bad habits, which hasn't been good for my waistline, so I'm trusting HealthUnlocked will give me tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle, though I'm living with a life threatening problem which I'm receiving Chemotherapy for in myself I feeling quite well and it's another reason why I want to maintain the best health plan that I can.

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Sorry to hear you need chemotherapy, that's a difficult experience to go through, & I hope you have some support?

Take a peek at this, & maybe print a copy to stick on your kitchen wall: anhinternational.org/wp-con...


Thank you Badhare, I've been living with Prostate cancer since 2010 They couldn't operate so just keeping it under control and the Chemo is just another treatment to that end, the cancer it self has never been the problem, it's the treatment with side effects that makes me feel poorly is the worst thing, But I'm doing very well and it doesn't stop me doing what I've always done, I've always been positive and being a Christian has been a great comfort to me, and the oncologist and Doctor's and nurses have been top notch, and actually my next Chemo session is tomorrow, which be 6th of 10 one every 3 weeks, I've seen many people a lot worst than me, so I feel very fortunate, thanks for the link to anginternational


You're welcome, Roysivad!

A positive attitude is very important in these circumstances. You're almost at the end of your chemotherapy sessions now, though it may not feel that way yet. I hope you're not too poorly after today & you can brave the next three sessions. Good luck with your treatment & getting well again!


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