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Obese and starting week 3 of a healthier journey

I have a lot of weight to lose and want to do it sensibly and change to healthier eating habits. So far what I'm doing is working, have lost 6lbs in my first 2 weeks. I know it slows up and I'm interested in different combinations and recipes to keep me on track. That's it really!

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Try spicing your food up a little bit or trying different cuisines. Not only easy to eat healthier but the more flavoursome food is helps me manage smaller portions more easily. Stir fried veg with different Chinese/Japanese sauces are good with chicken or salmon. Tired some nice Persian recipes and wagamamas cookbook is a good one for different sauces and idea.


Thanks for your suggestions! The family are very very picky eaters and only eat the basics so I will have to cook separately for them at times. I had a lovely vegetable stir fry the other night, just added a chicken oxo cube to it and I have to say it was delicious. Who wants bland old chips when you can have something as tasty as that?! I'm looking forward to eating more variety of the right kinds of foods and developing a different kind of relationship with food altogether!


I cooked separately from my partner when I first started but as the months have gone on she has gradually started having a lot of the same food as me. Even now if my partner wants something a little more substantial or carb heavy we will have separate meals. Not a problem.

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Variety is not easy but here is a soup I really enjoy and hope you do too

40g Tesco 7 Grains (whole food section)

40g Red Lentils

100g Spinach (baby leaves)

Wash both the 7 grains and red lentils at least three times and set to boil with plenty of water.

I spoon off any scummy bits as it boils.

After ten minutes add a good teaspoon of Vegetable stock or a cube. I also add a good dollop of marmite.

In the bowl i add two crushed cloves of garlic and a couple tablespoons of lemon juice.

After a further 5 mins add the washed spinach and continue to boil for last 5 mins.

Ensure you have enough water in the pot for soup as you like it.

Add soup to bowl with garlic and lemon

total boiling time 20 - 25 mins.

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When you get the munchies..... Crunchy white cabbage leaf crisps

Carrot sticks etc.

Fancy something sweet..... Grated carrot, apple finely sliced, mashed parsnips, fresh mint leaves etc.

Chewing and crunching produces saliva which tells your brain that your hunger

has been dealt with therefore the old adage 'attempt to chew everything one hundred times' might be the voice of experience' with one of the answers to suit you.

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Herbal teas are fab for evenings times, when you want something flavoursome, but aren't hungry


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