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Healthy lunches on a time crunch?

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Hello friends!

I am new to this community, and it looks like you all have some great insight into living a healthy lifestyle. My wife and I both have very healthy breakfasts and dinners every day. It's lunches that catch us off guard. We often don't have the energy in the evenings to prepare a lunch for the following day. And it's difficult to take time out of the work day to prepare a healthy lunch. What are some methods of lunch prep on a busy schedule that you have found effective? Any quick-prep lunch recipe favorites?

Thanks for your input!



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Hi Blake_Davis,

Do you or your wife have any allergies to certain foods?

I'm allergic to peanuts, and my wife is allergic to sweet potatoes.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Blake_Davis

Have you tried tuna salad or sandwiches?

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do you both work from home?

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Blake_Davis in reply to Hidden

I work from wife is a teacher!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Blake_Davis

What grade does she teach?

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Hidden in reply to Blake_Davis

for going out to work i used to make sandwhichs at night wrap them in tin foil put them in a container and keep in the fridge really to take with me in morning. doesnt take long to make a sandwhich ☺

i retired about 20 years ago but i keep myself very busy so i make sure theres always something in the fridge that is really to eat or there something in the freezer that in 3 or 4 minutes in the microwave is ready to eat 😊

i have found that if i eat to much for lunch it slows me down or even put me to sleep for an hour, so i tend to just have a small lunch and lots of different drinks until the evening meal.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Hidden

Do you eat anything that is made with lots of carbs? A friend of mine ate a meal and fell asleep afterwards (not on Thanksgiving)!😀

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Hidden in reply to Activity2004

i do eat just about anything but it only happens if i forget myself and eat to much... i am a lot more carefull now and eat a lot les but more often.

i think its part of a few medical issues that i have.

not to worry i still eat very good but i got to stop the beer or at least cut down a bit☺

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benwl in reply to Activity2004

Are you sure it's the carbs that did it? (and not the fat and protein?)

My meals are largely carbs and rather than feeling tired I feel energized afterwards

How about jacket potatoes? Very versatile and you can keep working while it cooks. You can bake sweet potatoes the same way too. I often have a stir fry for lunch when I'm working from home - a few veg and quorn pieces straight from the freezer. I recently tried butternut squash noodles and can very much recommend these. Otherwise how about batch cooking soups or similar at the beginning of the week and freeze lots of portions in the freezer. You can also freeze things that make a salad more interesting such as pre-cooked salmon, roast veg, lentils etc, chuck these on top of leaves in the morning to defrost by lunch time, accompany with oat cakes or similar :)

I often took leftovers to work from my previous evening meal. It's easy to make a little extra, & good if you have access to a microwave. Those clip lidded soup dishes are quite portable, or there are wide mouthed flasks that are good for holding stews, curries, etc.

I found a tub of yoghurt with chia & linseeds very filling, & ate this with nuts & fruit in the summer. A tub of hummus & salad is also low prep.

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Welcome Blake, I hope you and your wife enjoy the Healthy eating forum - I've just seen all the replies you've had here, and there are some great ideas for lunch ideas. Also, have a look in the 'topics' area for 'meal ideas' - I enjoy soup for lunch quite often, with wholemeal bread - that's a tasty combination. Batch cooking is good - and freezing portions of soup to re-heat - to save yourself time.

Zest :-)

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