These a some of my plump & happy kefir grains before going to swim, grow fatter, & reproduce in a new bath of milk. The biggest grains are 15-20mm in size, so will soon need separating in to smaller 5mm grains. The one on the spoon is about the volume of tiny 10g of grains that the rest have grown from to over 700g. I maintain 2-3 batches of 300-400g in rotation in & out of the fridge to prevent them fermenting too quickly. At an ambient temperature 50g of smaller grains, which have a greater surface area, would be enough to ferment 1l of organic whole milk. The softer inside of each grain is protected by a tougher outer layer. When the grains are split. the kefir changes in taste & consistency as different strains of bacteria, yeast & streptococci are exposed to their food source.

More links to follow:

Chris Kresser has an excellent & free e-book on gut health for anyone signing up to his functional medicine email. Please see excerpt below. I've found this information & other free e-books to be a very useful healthy eating & nutrition resource.

I'll add to this as I come across more articles: This paper includes photographs of some of the individual lactobacillus, yeast, & streptococci. :)

NB Water kefir is beneficial for anyone choosing a solely plant based diet, & those with dairy intolerance beyond lactose:


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  • Chris Kresser: Gut Health excerpt

    All disease begins in the gut. – Hippocrates

    Hippocrates said this more than 2,000 years ago, but we’re only now coming to

    understand just how right he was. Research over...

  • Yemoos lists these as components of kefir grains. Each strain will have several from each microbiological family, dependent on geography & the substrate used for cultivation.

    Strains of bacteria and yeast found in Kefir...

  • Wow, those Kefir grains look very plump and bursting with life!!! Thanks for all that information - I enjoy my daily Kefir very much - I'm still buying mine pre-made from the supermarket, but one day I might dabble in obtaining grains to make my...

  • Hi BadHare, I agree your kefir looks amazing. This is also packed with info so theres a lot of interesting reading here so thanks for doing the research for us.

    Our gut villi increases the absorbent area in our small intestines to that of ...

  • Thank you Mel for providing very interesting reading and links and also your Kefir grains look amazing. That'll be me in the kitchen when I purchase mine.

    Alicia :)

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