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A quickie afternoon delight!

For lunch today I wanted a quickie so decided to go for a lazy tuna pizza:

1 wholewheat tortilla wrap - 118kCal/ 2g

1 tin of tuna chunks (brine drained) 99KCal/ 1g

75 g tinned corn 33KCal/ 0g

50 g onions (thinly sliced) 17KCal/ 0g

20 g cheese~(grated to sprinkle last) 65KCal/ 5 g

1tbsp tomato puree 15Kcal/0g

handful of spinach 6Kcal/0g

Total 353KCal/ 8g

Spread the puree on and then pile every thing on ! Quick, delicious and oh, soooo satisfying!


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Wow, I love the look of your lunch, and thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Yum - it looks amazing. :-)

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This looks good bbwnoire71!

Many thanks for the suggestion. πŸ˜€

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tasted fantastic-er, lol!


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