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Healthy Eating
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IBS sufferer

In a nut a shell I'm athe classic case of an active life style but poor eating habits. Which probably explains my weight at a stand still.

Just this year I've learned I've have IBS. Certain foods can send me to flu like symptoms. I try to read up the best I can, but I do learn the hard way!

I'm looking to change my poor eating habits and be at a comfortable weight.

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What type of food do you eat? And which foods make you ibs worse?


Anything with wheat and gluten. Certain vegetables like broccoli get me so bloated and pain. Milk cheese or dairy products makes me ill.


Have you identified the trigger for your IBS?Only you can do it by reviewing what all happened during the immediate past.If you can establish a pattern,perhaps the solution will be obvious.

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I believe it was the death of my brother, year later my father. My mother passed away 4 years after.

I also ended up in an accident where I dislocated my knee and broken leg. I needed surgery and they put a plate in my leg. I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks due to my heart rate dropping after surgery

I'm slowly getting better. I'm not restricted too all the foods.


I am sorry for all that you went through.It must have been quite stressful and you must have been administered with plenty of antibiotics.They might have caused your problem by disturbing your gut flora.Just a thought for you to rule out.Stress may cause IBS and disturbance in gut flora may cause bloating of stomach after food.


Dr James Dinicolantonio..... worth following him. Somewhere in this talk he mentions salt depletion with IBS. It's worth listening to this and his other youtube talks.

The low salt mantra was based on no evidence. He's pulled it all together.

Flu like symptoms 'could' be down to salt depletion.


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