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Obese for to long and need to get on track

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I am 33 and have been fighting a weight problem for most of my adolescence and all of my adulthood up to this point. I have tried eating healthy but I am a stress and depressed eater. When I have these times I want sugar and could careless what I put into my mouth. I have a 10 month old and I need to change my habits before he is old enough to start taking after my eating habits.

I have the habits of eating because of how I was raised because all my family was over weight and really didn't care what or how much I ate as long as I was eating something. After 33yrs of the same habits I am finding it very hard to change, especially when I go shopping and I get what I am craving not what is better for my body.

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Hi I am 47 and I am the same I am a two c's eater commiserate and celebrate. I was brought up the same. I find it hard to get motivated however much I cry before going out cos Ifeel so fat. I have started the Mediterranean diet amd really am enjoyingit. Finding that the cravings are not as bad and that is saying something as perimenopausal and hormones all over the place. If you need help and support then you are in the right place x

A lot of my issues is being a compulsive eater when I am upset but I have Melobalic syndrome which causes my matabloisim to be so low they sometimes can't even trace it in blood work. But I have a doctor who does not believe it exist and wants me to get gastric- bypass surgery but what the insurance is asking of me is going to be so hard do to the syndrome.

The other thing my mother knew I had this syndrome when I was younger and fed me anything and everything. I think she wanted me to as over weight as the rest of the family except her because when her mother died she when through a time where we had to force her to eat. But now that is has passed I am dealing with the weight she put on me. What does not make since is in the last 5yrs I lost 240lbs but since I had my son 10 months ago I have put 60lbs back on, which frustrates me more than everything and its also do to the syndrome. I get so upset because of the syndrome because even a low fat salad will put amost or a pound on me from just eating that. Weight lost is so hard but the doctors and people around me don't understand all of this.

Lately I have been eating a lot of vegetables and fruit - also oats and barley/barley water.No white bread at all or any other highly processed foods - everything is now homemade . I now have always a feeling of "fullness" - whenever I do get the "munchies" I eat an apple. My weight is dropping from a previous plateau that I did not seem to be able to fall below - and no feelings at all of hunger.

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That is my issue I need to start eating better foods and get away from the junk

Please persevere Robey! Well done for so far. The hardest part is making a start or so someone a lot smarter than me said! My own experience with teaching a child to eat is to make sure they eat the healthy stuff when they start to feed themselves. My kid ate everything when I was giving him his first solids. But somehow something went wrong when he got to feed himself. I must have slacked because now he refuses to eat 99% of fruit and veg! I can get away with sweetcorn, tin peaches and pineapple!!! Good luck!!!

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That was the weird thing my oldest son eats healthier than I do and as a kid he wanted salad all the time. But my issue was my mom she always gave me junk food if I was hungry. Now its harder than people think to change.

Have you had your thyroid levels checked?

They check them every six months and nothing is wrong they say my numbers are good.

Your levels may be clinically 'good' but not optimal. If you can get a copy of your results (FT3, FT4 & TSH) with the ranges (important as labs have different ranges) and start a post on the thyroid forum, the very knowledgeable members on there will give their opinion :)

If you have low thyroid levels, losing weight will always be a problem, regardless to how healthily you eat.

Our modern day problems are mainly caused by our own obesity (most of us are overweight to varying degrees). But that is what they are - modern day problems. So the answer for me is not to go on any particular diet espoused by anybody - but simply to eat whatever my grandparents ate!! There were no supermarkets when my grandparents were alive - hence there were no aisles of sweets, chocolate, biscuits, alcohol, processed foods, pre-prepared foods, cakes , innumerable types of bread, - etc, etc,etc. There were also no restaurants or cafes, no coffee shops, no cheese specialists. It's simple really!!!!!

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